MBA from Kellogg Recanati

Board member of Tel Aviv Museum of Art

I believe that every immigrant to Israel has an opportunity to shape the country by bringing their values, experiences and culture with them. This is a young country filled with diversity, and the more people who move here the better we make it.

I chose to use my experience and love of the arts to impact Israel globally through my environmental work and evangelism for the Dead Sea. I plan to connect millions of people with the Dead Sea from an environmental perspective in ways that are no longer possible due to the sinkholes and shrinking water levels.

My art installation with Spencer Tunick was seen by over 500 million people through various media. My proposed Dead Sea Art Museum in nearby Arad aims to transform the city with world-class architecture and immersive experiential art. I hope that these efforts will inspire people, communities and governments to come together to save the Dead Sea.

“I hope my efforts will inspire people, communities and governments to come together to save the Dead Sea.”

My motivation comes from active Zionism and a desire to contribute to the country while setting an example for my children. I am inspired by my late Great Aunt Charlotte Bergman, a founder of the Israel Museum who built her private residence for her art collection on the museum grounds and lived there till she passed at age 99.

I recently left high-tech to focus my full attention on social philanthropy through the Dead Sea Revival Project. I plan to move to Kibbutz Kalia for the coming year to launch educational Dead Sea Boat Tours at Neve Midbar Beach.

I don’t have the personal resources to achieve all this without substantial assistance. My current challenge is finding an anchor donor to make the Dead Sea Museum a reality. Once funding is in place, I plan to move to Arad to oversee the project and run the museum.