ISRAEL21c is a nonprofit organization with an on-the-ground team of experienced journalists and content creators who bring to light stories rarely covered in mainstream media.

Photo by Nicky Blackburn
Photo by Nicky Blackburn

Founded in 2001, ISRAEL21c breaks from the confines of the media’s traditional depiction of Israel, and widens the lens on who Israelis are and what inspires, motivates, and challenges them. We steer clear of the narrow frame of conflict, and serve as a unifying platform that creates space to educate, inform, and initiate meaningful conversations.

As a nonprofit, it is our mission to bring an accurate, unbiased reflection of life in Israel to the global stage, free of charge. We aim to provide people with a deeper understanding of contemporary life here, and believe that when you bring people together around subjects of substance you can meaningfully effect change.

If we don’t tell these stories, no one will.

Fair, balanced, and independent

Our staff adhere to the highest journalistic standards and ethics, and remain independent of influence from outside sources. Through independent research and storytelling, we educate the public about of the people and life of modern-day Israel.

As a non-profit, ISRAEL21c is funded by financial contributions from its readers and supporters around the world. Acceptance of financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of donors or their opinions.