We receive hundreds of messages every day from people of all religions and backgrounds who tell us how our videos have taught them something new about Israel, its diverse cultures, and Judaism.

Our goal is to help Spanish speakers discover Israel in an authentic and unique way, countering fake news and social media that often portray a negative image of Israel.

We believe that hatred and antisemitic incidents often stem from ignorance, whether intentional or not. We hope that our content can help change the perception of many people by providing knowledge on multiple topics about Israel as a country and Jews in general.

We receive negative comments on a daily basis, but it’s especially difficult when we receive blatant antisemitic comments regarding our content related to the Holocaust, such as testimonials of survivors. It’s disheartening to know that there are people who hate us purely because of who we are. Holocaust denial and antisemitism should have no place in our world.

“Our goal is to help Spanish speakers discover Israel in an authentic and unique way.”

When we started our channel, we wanted to show Israel and its people to the world. When the channel was just starting out, we worked in regular jobs: Gaston in high-tech and Oxana as a parliamentary advisor in the Knesset. 

As the channel began to gain momentum, we had to decide whether we were going to continue with it as a hobby or go all-in. We decided to resign from our jobs, lose our “professional identity” and follow our hearts with complete faith that focusing 100% on content about Israel and Judaism was the right path for us.

We want every Spanish speaker in the world to find us when seeking information about Israel or Judaism. We will continue to show the beautiful and positive sides of Israel, its people, and religions. We feel that this is our mission.