I use my platform to inspire women to chase their goals and dreams and I have helped many mothers on the path to raise families and still pursue their passions.

I am also focused on supporting female athletes in Israel, because I believe we need to do more, when so many women are still discouraged from pursuing a career in sports. I want female athletes to earn a respectable living, with enough resources and support on all levels. I also want to make it easier for religious women to compete at an elite level.

I have a deep desire to represent my country on the world stage. I love Israel and I want to be the best ambassador I can. I am also driven by my desire to get the most out of myself and see how far I can go. Finally, my kids have always been my motivation, my answer to the question why. I want to show up as the best role model for them.

I grew up in a community that didn’t value sports and didn’t have many options or outlets for religious girls. I’ve already seen changes and I hope we can continue to make progress.

“I’ve learned how to get over disappointments and use setbacks to come back even stronger.”

I’ve encountered numerous challenges: I missed out on the world championships twice, as well as the Olympics, because I am Shabbat observant. Then, at the first World Championships I was able to participate in, I was injured. I’ve learned how to get over disappointments and use setbacks to come back even stronger.

At first, I didn’t have any background in track and field, and only started running at age 26. Now I’m training for the 2024 Olympics, something I could have never even imagined as a girl.

I hope to represent Israel in the Paris Olympics next summer and then continue running through to the LA 2028 Olympics.

I want to compete in ultra marathons and trail races as well. I’d love to become a sports psychologist and write a book one day.