Growing up, meat was a symbol that connected me to my father and grandfather. In the center of the table, with all the family around, every Shabbat and holiday, we always had a steak.

Eight years ago, I became a father for the first time. Unexpectedly, this dramatically changed the way I thought about meat; I understood my children deserved a better world, one with less impact from the traditional harmful meat industry. Overnight, I decided to stop eating meat.

Five years ago, on the day my second child was born, I quit a successful career to pursue a wild dream, with no clue if I’ll actually make it, to allow people everywhere to enjoy great meat without harming animals and the environment.

I didn’t have any food technology background and so, telling people that “I’m going to 3D-print steaks!” seemed like a very strange idea.

That naïve dream is now a real solution based on Israeli technology and processes that
replicate the texture, flavor and experience of eating animal-based meat. Since launching our Redefine Meat products last year, we feel that we are creating an actual impact for the better.

“I quit a successful career to pursue a wild dream, with no clue if I’ll actually make it.”

We are now selling our New-Meat — 13 different products, including premium cuts, pulled New-Meat, minced New-Meat and sausages — in six countries, bringing this revolution to places like Michelin-starred restaurants, famous steakhouses and chains, as well as high-tech companies and hotels.

Seeing people in Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris eating New-Meat is a great motivation to continue facing challenges and taking risks in the belief that we can make a dramatic positive effect on CO2 emissions, water use and land use.

My parents taught me that you can always learn something from any person and you have to treat all people equally (that’s the principle of the kibbutz), and I try to do so in my work today.

My vision for the future is to transform the way meat is consumed around the world, hoping to become the world’s biggest meat company’s CEO. My main motivation is to ensure my three children and people around the world can experience the exact same family moments and love of meat, without hurting animals or the planet. This year on Israel Independence Day we will do exactly that!