Won CES Innovation Award (2007) and Israel Aerospace Industries Elta Management Award (2016)

As the founder and CEO of Tevel, I am honored and fortunate to lead our team towards the forefront of agricultural innovation. Our Flying Autonomous Robots play a significant role in securing the fruit supply chain.

By reducing reliance on manual labor, whose scarcity is the most pressing challenge in modern agriculture, our technology helps address the challenge of feeding the growing world population in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

By revolutionizing the fruit-picking process — which has been done the same way for thousands of years — we are reducing waste and maximizing yield. Increasing efficiency and automation in orchards means more food on the table and less impact on the environment.

My drive to create something meaningful and impactful that can benefit society and the world at large propels me to push boundaries and explore innovative solutions in the agricultural sector. As a family man, I am deeply committed to making my wife, daughters, and aging father proud of my accomplishments. Their love and support inspire me to work tirelessly and strive for excellence in all that I do.

Although I’m not a farmer by trade, I have a deep appreciation for fruit and have cultivated over 10 different fruit trees in my garden at home, where our autonomous harvesting solution was first tested.

“Increasing efficiency and automation in orchards means more food on the table and less impact on the environment.”

Our venture involves overcoming numerous technological obstacles, requiring significant investments in time, money, and teamwork. As pioneers in fruit harvesting with flying robots, we had no precedent to follow and had to rely on our own ingenuity and innovation to pave the way.

I envision a world where Tevel’s Flying Autonomous Robots are a ubiquitous presence in orchards, tirelessly picking fruit and ensuring that no fruit goes to waste. Moreover, our robots will perform more tasks in the orchard such as thinning, pruning and selective spraying. In this world, farmers are able to save time and money, and increase their profits, while consumers are delighted by a steady supply of fresh, delicious fruit.