I was one of the babies who got hurt by the negative effects of the explosion at Chernobyl. I went into respiratory arrest and experienced clinical death. Luckily, my mother was a nurse and saved my life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Since my “first chance” in life was nearly taken away by an unsafe way of producing electricity, my “second chance” in life is dedicated to the development of an innovative, highly impactful, renewable energy source.

And that’s what I do today in Israel. Eco Wave Power just finalized the construction of the first and only grid-connected wave energy pilot plant in Israel, in the Port of Jaffa. This will mark an exciting beginning for wave energy implementation in Israel!

“Passion is the greatest renewable energy source – even stronger than the power of the waves.”

According to the United Nations, 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by electricity production. The World Energy Council estimates that wave energy can supply TWICE the amount of electricity that the world produces today. Can you imagine the impact of this amount of clean electricity on the planet?

Making a positive impact really motivates me. With my work with Eco Wave Power, I am especially motivated by creating equal opportunities for women and immigrants, as I remember how difficult it was for my parents when we arrived in the 1990s.

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but being a female entrepreneur adds an additional layer of difficulty, especially in “masculine” industries such as the energy sector. According to a recent study by EY, only 5% of executives in the global energy industry are female.

Although many people will not take us seriously, we should never give up on our true passion. If we give up, our daughters will give up, and their daughters will give up, creating a negative chain of events. I strongly believe that passion is the greatest renewable energy source – even stronger than the power of the waves.