If you will be a college student (undergraduate or graduate) for the 2024-2025 school year and are interested in joining the program for next year, please click here and fill out your information to be notified when the application opens in January 2024.

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Participants from our 2022-2023 Digital Ambassador Internship

About the program

The ISRAEL21c Digital Ambassador Internship cultivates the next generation of digital communication experts, known as Digital Ambassadors. In this exclusive program, ISRAEL21c works with college students aged 18-29 in North America who are passionate about Israel’s positive image across digital media.

Digital Ambassadors work to create innovative multimedia campaigns and content for ISRAEL21c while developing their storytelling skills by sharing positive news about Israel with diverse communities across the globe. This is a unique opportunity to do something positive for Israel that is apolitical.

Digital Ambassador Roles

Digital Ambassadors will develop and distributes digital content inspired by ISRAEL21c’s articles on topics ranging from Innovation and Earth, to Life and Travel. They are empowered to be creative, develop a voice that speaks to their peers, and think outside of the box. We want Digital Ambassadors to push the limits.

Within the internship program are a small handful of Team Leaders, typically past program participants, who serve as the liaison to ISRAEL21c staff and are responsible for managing the team’s production cycle.

Digital Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Must commit to the entire duration of the program, Aug 2024-May 2025. (If you are studying abroad, you will need to agree to the terms of the program being based on North American hours)
  • Attend the mandatory virtual retreat in August 2024 for onboarding and meeting your fellow participants.
  • Be available to dedicate at least 5 hours per week to the program.
  • Work together virtually throughout the academic year to execute the program and distribute ISRAEL21c content via social media across various online communities.
  • Participate in weekly 30-minute team calls and monthly 1:1 check-ins with your team leader.
  • Participate in monthly 60-minute training and skill-building sessions with the ISRAEL21c professional team and guest speakers.
  • Participate in a closing program in May 2025 to present your team’s full results of your work to the ISRAEL21c Board of Directors.

How long is the program?

The internship cohort begins in August 2024 and ends in May 2025. Acceptance will be offered on a rolling basis.

What do you get out of it?

  • $1,000 stipend ($500 per semester).
  • A portfolio filled with examples of the work you completed during this program which will be a crucial asset to you in job interviews and future career ventures.
  • Experience testing out a variety of roles in the digital media space, allowing you the chance to hone your craft to prepare you for a successful career.
  • A network of like-minded peers.
  • An opportunity to be creative → Successful new ideas can lead to new approaches adopted by the publication.

If you will be a college student (undergraduate or graduate) for the 2024-2025 school year and are interested in joining the program for next year, please click here and fill out your information to be notified when the application opens in January 2024.


If you have any questions, please contact ISRAEL21c’s Program Manager, Emily Averbukh at Emily@israel21c.org.

Digital Ambassador Testimonials


Judith Rosenbluth from the University of Maryland

“Being an ISRAEL21c Digital Ambassador has given me such a supportive community which has inspired and driven me to keep posting and sharing Israel-related news. Keeping up with and sharing all the positive articles that ISRAEL21c posts helps me and my followers feel connected to Israel.”

Eitan Gitlin from Muhlenberg College

“Being an ISRAEL21c Digital Ambassador has given me the chance to meet people from around the country who are interested in Israel. Ever since I came back from my gap year in Israel, I noticed that there was a lot of negative news surrounding Israel in America. I realized that I needed to do something to change that, so when I heard about this program I knew that I wanted to get involved. If there was one thing that I would want the world to know about Israel, it would be that there are so many amazing people there. Everybody needs to go and visit Israel and experience it first hand.”

Laura Malomo Menelle from Argentina

“I love being part of the ISRAEL21c Digital Ambassador team. We learn a lot from each other. I think Israel is full of surprises. Its cultural richness makes it unique and sharing good news about the country is a way of letting people learn about its characteristics.”

May Solomon from UCLA

“When I first started ISRAEL21c, I honestly had no idea what direction I wanted to go career-wise. I was confused, and all I knew was that I had a passion for Israel, and figured I would apply to be an ambassador. Not only did ISRAEL21c strengthen my love and admiration for the state of Israel, but I also fell in love with marketing, and now have a full-time job at a huge marketing firm as a Social Media Specialist, post-graduation.

I can wholeheartedly say that my internship at ISRAEL21c is the reason why I decided to go down the marketing path, and I am so happy that this internship led me to my career. During my time as an ambassador, I learned skills that will be beneficial throughout my career, made new friends, and worked in a united team environment, which grew my leadership skills. The staff was always there to help, ensuring that ambassadors were always confident, up to date with everything, and gave us constant advice and support 24/7. Overall, I recommend this program to anyone who has a passion for Israel. It strengthened my skills in marketing, Israel, and led me to where I am today.”

Marcella Bluth from Wayne State University

“My favorite thing about ISRAEL21c’s Digital Ambassador Program is the opportunity to create a new light within such clouded times. The perception of Israel within the media is skewed and out of context. People often hate because they believe in a fabrication far away from the truth. I get to educate and inspire people to learn, accept, and respect Israel. Israel is more than just a headline story… It is a people, a culture, and a home.”

Any Questions?

If you have questions about becoming a Digital Ambassador,
please send an email to ISRAEL21c’s Program Manager, Emily Averbukh.

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