PhD from Weizmann Institute of Science, postdoc at MIT

Won the Rappaport Prize for Excellence in Biomedical Sciences, the Michael Bruno Memorial Award, the Katz Prize and a Medal of Distinction from the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation

My research at the Technion focuses on vascularization of engineered tissues for implantation, improving survival and perfusion of engineered grafts. We were the first to engineer vascularized tissue flaps, and recently developed unique stem-cell engineered tissue constructs that induce the regeneration and repair of injured spinal cords and genetically engineered muscle tissue for treating type 2 diabetes.

I am motivated by my curiosity and my beliefs. I think that we all have the potential and responsibility to leave the world a better place for the work we did. I hope that my work at the Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab helps open doors to new frontiers in regenerative medicine and nutrition — especially in situations where there are currently few or no good solutions.

“We all have the potential and responsibility to leave the world a better place for the work we did.”

I also hope that my work in the field of cultured meat at Aleph Farms will lead to possibilities and potential solutions to some of the issues we are facing when it comes to the realities, costs and global impacts of food production.

I would not be where I am without the support and encouragement of others in my professional and personal life, and that is why I find it so important to be supportive and encouraging to those who work with me.

I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the Technion and around the world to translate cutting-edge research into innovative solutions that improve health outcomes, physiological and neurological function, and the overall wellbeing and possibilities for people in Israel and beyond.