We work with partners around the world helping to develop premium-level drama series by bringing our experience and expertise to places without that level of creative infrastructure. Shows like “Tehran” and “Your Honor” help to transform the international landscape of drama by constantly pushing the needle on quality.

Working successfully as an Israeli with various nationalities helps both in bridging cultural gaps and forming long lasting professional relationships across borders.

The ability to inspire, move and touch people with our stories keeps motivating us to find new partnerships in countries that can provide additional intriguing stories. Our series “Tehran” on Apple TV+ exposed worldwide viewers to the Farsi language and Iranian culture – and they love it regardless of their political views on Iran. It’s a small step forward in helping bring people together.

“Within five years we plan on having half a dozen production companies in different countries.”

Starting my own business from scratch as an entrepreneur was a challenge. My initial competitors were big media companies and resourceful conglomerates competing for the same IP to adapt into drama series. I did not have sufficient credits to impress potential business partners and no financial investments in the company to help acquire such IP.

But I turned my disadvantages into advantages: Having a small company allowed me to develop personal, authentic and deep relationships with colleagues that have lasted for many years. I was able to convince companies to give us their IP because they were convinced I would give them all my heart and treat their IP like my own children.

I am a passionate, creative, smart guy who operates with full integrity and transparency, which is harder and harder to find today, especially in the entertainment business.

While my company is based in Los Angeles, we produce dramas around the world. Within five years we plan on having half a dozen production companies in different countries. This kind of infrastructure does not exist in today’s marketplace and therefore will be a unique asset in transforming the international drama landscape.