I grew up in Israel and attended the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. I lived a while in Japan before opening my independent design studio in Israel.

Over time, my interests have extended from lighting and furniture to the design of spatial objects, exploring materials, form and techniques, to create designs for everyday urban life.

With LumiWeave, we have created the world’s first embedded solar-power harvesting and illuminating fabric, in a completely green, unplugged, standalone flexible lightweight sheet. It provides daytime shade, nighttime illumination and many other beneficial features.

“I was looking for a sustainable solution that met the most challenging problems of human outdoor experience.”

Thanks to this breakthrough fabric, LumiWeave can offer all these outdoor benefits while eliminating both fossil-fuel emissions and light pollution.

As a product designer, I was looking for a sustainable solution that met, in my opinion, the most challenging problems of human outdoor experience: heat islands and safety issues in dark areas.

If our vision comes true and our solution will become widespread, I believe the future impact of our work would be that people will spend a much larger portion of their days outdoors, meeting others for recreation, business or walkability transportation. 

The greatest challenge I’ve had to overcome was moving from the technological concept into a mass-production solution that can fit any custom-made design.

Once I set my mind on something, I don’t give up until it is materialized. My vision of the future would be a shady and cool world during daytime, and a well-lit world during the night without using any fossil fuels.