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  • Julian Melcer
    Sharona Shnayder
  • Sharona Shnayder
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  • Danielle Williams
    Julian Melcer

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Sharona Shnayder
Omri Hazor
  • Danielle Williams
  • Julian Melcer
  • Sharona Shnayder
  • Omri Hazor


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  • Danielle loves to do things differently. Dressed by Danielle is providing a brand-new experience for shoppers who want to make a difference in the world. She makes personal shopping accessible, allowing women to feel confident expressing their style, all while promoting sustainable clothing.
  • Julian started a viral movement in an untraditional way: Celebrating his birthday by cleaning up cigarette butts. Three years later, Clean the Butts is recognized in several countries as he looks to expand his impact. The goal, Melcer explained, is to have clean beaches.
  • Ready to run for office sooner rather than later, Sharona is determined to turn Israel into the world leader in sustainability. When Sharona started Tuesdays for Trash, a grassroots movement across the globe, she set her eyes on changing the world.
  • Omri is one with the sea. He understands the ocean better than anyone you will ever meet, from the current to the color of the water. But Omri, a windsurfer and teacher, is fed up with pollution. He’s sued municipalities that he feels are responsible for harming the sea he knows oh so well.

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We all share this planet together. From new technologies and research to activism, find the latest stories on Israelis creating a more sustainable world for all its living creatures. Read more from ISRAEL21c.

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