Our healthy, algae-powered innovations detoxify the textile industry, save water and promote biodiversity while creating a work environment free of hazardous toxins.

Instead of factory employees breathing in dangerous fumes, they can breathe in algae’s botanical benefits. And end users who wear products made with Algaeing solutions get added skincare benefits.

But it doesn’t stop at clothing. Think about the seats we sit on at home or in the car or bus or train. Think about the beds we sleep in. Textiles surround our everyday life, and this is why we’re here to make a change.

The catalyst moment was when I visited a fashion factory and saw the river next to it completely colored and polluted with dye. That’s when I knew I had to do something. I believe in a future where rivers won’t be dyed with next season’s colors, but have a thriving biodiversity. I am also motivated by my children and future generations who deserve to have a clean future.

“I believe in a future where rivers won’t be dyed with next season’s colors.”

My grandfather, one of the pioneers of Israel and its agricultural industry, was and always will be a big inspiration for me. Growing up in a moshav and working in my family’s greenhouses opened my eyes to sustainable cultivation.

I’m very lucky to have found the perfect cofounder from the very beginning: a biologist, botanist, and agronomist with 40+ years of experience, who also happens to be my dad: Dr. Oded Krebs.

Algaeing (by Algalife) has received numerous awards and recognition including the Global Fashion Award, Vision Award, VWS Pathfinder Award and more. Among the publications that have featured Algaeing are Forbes, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and Wired.

We’re returning Israel’s once-important textile industry to its former glory with a “blue and white” way of making textiles in a scalable and meaningful way locally. We create jobs and build factories across the country. And we’re in constant R&D to develop game-changing bio materials. The long-term opportunities are nearly endless.

Detoxifying the textile industry is just the beginning. I will always strive to detoxify our lives, both personally and environmentally.