Our hard work has paid off, as we are witnessing the fruits of our labor with the emergence of a vibrant scene of olive oil producers in Israel, offering a variety of flavors and aromas. We are proud to see many Israeli olive oil brands at the forefront of the global market.

I find motivation in the inspiring family history and vision passed down from my grandfather, which drives me to carry on his legacy. By maintaining the intergenerational continuity of the family farm, we keep a disappearing world alive.

“I am fueled by a deep passion for Israeli agriculture and the boundless creativity of local farmers.”

The professional success of Ptora at international competitions and recognition in Israel and the region provides a sense of accomplishment and validation. The growing love and demand for our product, along with the desire to reach a wider audience, motivates us to produce high-quality olive oil and build a culture around it.

Consumers are discovering that it’s not just another ordinary product on the supermarket shelf. Olive oil has numerous unique features and health benefits, and as consumers deepen their knowledge of this key raw material, they gain a better understanding of its positive impact on our bodies.

My goal is to share all the knowledge and information I’ve accumulated about olive oil and its making with consumers, in a way that inspires them. I want to reach as many people as possible with my vision and equip them with the tools to make informed choices about their olive oil.

I am fueled by a deep passion for Israeli agriculture, and the boundless creativity of local farmers. I have unwavering perseverance and unshakeable faith in my path.

As the successors of my grandfather’s dream of establishing an agricultural farm in the land of Israel, we are committed to fulfilling his vision and serving as a role model for other farmers and olive oil producers.