Winner of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Young Artist, 2019

BFA from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art

I believe I am changing Israel and the world by challenging narrow and stigmatizing representations of the Beta Israel [Ethiopian] community in Israel and presenting a more nuanced and representative understanding of our culture, identity and experiences.

Through my art, I hope to promote understanding and recognition of the culture and raise awareness of the community’s diversity.

My love for painting is what motivates me the most. I am also motivated by the desire to share my thoughts and culture, document specific injustices and express criticism of society and policies. Through my art, I hope to influence people’s thinking about different issues in their daily lives, and encourage them to participate in social and cultural change.

“Through my art, I hope to encourage people to participate in social and cultural change.”

While finding my voice as an artist and being a part of the Beta Israel community in Israeli society as a dark-skinned woman exhibiting worldwide, the greatest challenge I had to overcome was how the media and art magazines described me. I had to learn to “let it go” within myself.

I have come to realize that I carry many identities: Israeli artist, Ethiopian-Jewish artist, Black Jewish artist, African artist. Ironically, only the title “artist” fits me perfectly. Otherwise, the definition changes depending on the political location and the local community I encounter.

My passion for creating and sharing artwork, and staying true to myself and my intuition, has led me to where I am today. I see my future as focused on continuing to create meaningful and impactful art that shares the stories and perspectives of the Beta Israel community, while promoting understanding and empathy among different cultures in Israeli society and beyond.