Avi Hasson, chief scientist of the Ministry of Economy. Photo by Everton Amaro/Fiesp

‘Though 2014 was a hallmark year for Israeli startups, we are far from reaching the industry’s full potential.’ Chief Scientist Avi Hasson.

Reports for precision agriculture decisions. Image via Shutterstock.com

Sensilize provides drone-enabled color imaging of fields as well as interpreted maps to enable optimal agricultural decisions.

OffBits bots.

OffBits is all about recycling spare bits and pieces and making them into fun, original toys for a fresh take on creativity and play.

Special Olympics swimming champ Mati Oren lighting an Independence Day torch at Kibbutz Ginegar on April 23, 2015.

Families of Israeli Special Olympians needed to raise NIS 300,000 to get to the World Games in LA this July. Our coverage helped them do it.

Israel Museum Jubilee

Jerusalem’s Israel Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary with new exhibition, 1965 Today, and a unique, crowd-sourced nation-wide family album.

Israel Museum Jubilee
Red Flowers for Remembrance
April in Holocaust history
Passover in Jerusalem – 1913
Israel in Video

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