Taga team members at work in Tel Aviv.

Israeli inventors of revolutionary medical devices such as ReWalk and Brainsway turn to Taga’s design team to bring them to life.

Nir Kouris photo by Max Digital.

‘I don’t believe in waiting for government officials and people with titles to take responsibility. I believe in regular people taking responsibility for our lives because we really care,’ says Nir Kouris.

AlgoValue cofounder and CEO Raphael Meyara, left, and cofounder and CFO Tsachi Hageg.

AlgoValue, a disruptive new platform for determining the worth of a private startup, is catching on with VCs, CFOs, accountants and lawyers worldwide.


Raise a glass to Tel Aviv’s thriving cocktail and wine-bar scene.

Gazelle Valley’s New Lease on Life

Jerusalem’s rejuvenated Emek HaTzvaim — a unique ecological habitat situated in the heart of urban space — reopens this week after years of controversy.

Gazelle Valley’s New Lease on Life
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Memories from Grandma’s Kitchen

An exhibit of ancient and antique pots and pans looks at Jewish cooking traditions and family life.

Memories from Grandma’s Kitchen
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Elections 1965
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