Ten percent of women taking Herceptin for breast cancer develop cardiac side effects. Image via Shutterstock.com

Study: A protein called Erbin plays a role in abnormal heart enlargement, which is one side effect of a common drug to treat breast cancer.

Orli Avior photographed the Cohen home in Ashkelon, which took a direct hit at 6:30am August 26.

Residents of the badly hit southern city tell ISRAEL21c how they managed to keep fear at bay through this long summer of sirens and missiles.

Slime is making millions of people sick every year. Photo via www.shutterstock.com

An Israeli graduate student devises anti-slime coating for boxes used to transport fruits and vegetables to market.

Thirteen-year-old Tal shopping for school supplies in Jerusalem on August 26, 2014. Photo by Nati Shohat/FLASH90

Though the routine of school starting on September 1 is welcomed by most Israelis, the emotional wounds of summer are still fresh.

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