Nanotechnology is transforming medicine. Photo by

Find out how Israeli scientists are manipulating the tiniest parts of matter to make life better for millions.

The patch pump is exceptionally lightweight and unobtrusive.

TouchéMedical is developing a low-cost ‘smart’ patch pump designed for patients of all ages with diabetes, Parkinson’s and other chronic conditions.

Geektime's infographic of Israel's phenomenal successes in one week. (

Israeli startups raised $910 million through acquisitions and funding rounds in a seven-day period in January 2015.

Demo Day at 8200 EISP.

You don’t have to be an IDF veteran to get into the 8200 EISP accelerator; you just have to show exceptional entrepreneurial potential.

Salt of the Earth

Photographer Elisheva Shaked examines the complex relationship between nature and a landscape scarred by human hands.

Salt of the Earth
Photo of the Week – Banias torrent
Tel Aviv Beachfront in the Storm
Photo of the Week – Winter in the Negev
Celebrating Kishon’s Legacy

Humorist Ephraim Kishon’s essays, movies and plays skewered Israeli society, cleverly and lovingly, in ways that still ring true decades after they were first written.

Celebrating Kishon’s Legacy
Photobombing the Enemy
Snow in Tel Aviv – 1950
Singing in the Rain
Israel in Video

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