The anopheles mosquito carries the deadly Plasmodium falciparum parasite.

Israeli scientists develop a novel method to suppress malaria parasite’s virulence genes so that it cannot evade the immune system.

A new way to start the day in Tel Aviv. Photo viaSave the Morning Facebook page.

Thanks to a growing trend of morning parties fueled by soft drinks and dancing, Tel Avivians are rising early to party harder than ever before.


ISA Scientific plans a Phase 2 trial to test the effects of a cannabinoid compound against diabetes as well as inflammatory and heart diseases.

A quiet moment at Eretz Arava in Zuqim. Photo by Gidi Boaz

Vanishing Valley, House of Aloe Vera, Peace Road, Yotvata Chocolate Trail and other treasures beckon from this long strip of desert filled with B&B lodges.

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