Zimmerbus in the Negev

If you’re looking for something a little different from luxury chain hotels, B&Bs, and youth hostels, then check out these uniquely unusual places to lay your head for the night.

Israel’s core Kaltura team, from left: Leah Belsky, Naama Halevi, Eran Etam, Ron Yekutiel, Shay David and Michal Tsur Shalev.

Kaltura powers the videos produced by, for example, HBO, Disney, ABC, Warner, Paramount, IBM, Intel, Ikea and Bank of America.

Moshe Tirat checks the dates fresh off the tree.

US farmer David Kohl has a date to remember with Israeli agricultural expert Moshe Tirat, leading to higher yield and less water waste.

Rethink what you’re putting in your coffee. Image via Shutterstock.com

Revelation about how sugar substitute can cause metabolic changes will leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Nuts and dates are stuffed into savory pastries. Photo by Adnan Kvishi
Putting Druze cooking secrets on the table

Village Flavors festival in the Druze town of Julis will provide a taste of authentic dishes as well as a celebration of the Druze way of life.

Putting Druze cooking secrets on the table
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Apples and Honey for the New Year

In time for Rosh HaShana, food photographer Yula Zubritsky has created a series of pomegranate, apples and honey-themed e-greeting cards,

Apples and Honey for the New Year
New Calendar For the New Year
Photo of the Week – Cooling off in the Golan
Jerusalem Celebrates Sacred Music
New Year’s Nostalgia

The Jewish New Year is a time for reflection with holiday greetings that recall simpler days.

New Year’s Nostalgia
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Israel’s Energy Past… and Future
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