A skydiver from Paradive shows there’s no shortage of imagination when it comes to finding places to celebrate Rosh Hashana.

Not everyone likes to eat their apple and honey at table – some prefer to eat while skydiving, surfing, or climbing.

From left, beekeepers at Hebron Honey tend their honeycombs. Photo by Nati Shohat/FLASH90

Israel’s annual Honey Festival is in full swing across the country, and the summer war with Hamas won’t affect honey availability for Rosh Hashana.

Malvina Goldfeld has traveled the world but loves living in seaside Jaffa.

PayPal’s globetrotting Malvina Goldfeld has degrees from Princeton and Stanford, speaks five languages and has worked all over the world.

Image via Shutterstock.com

Israeli researchers discover that the rabies virus hijacks and speeds up transport in nerve cells.

Lady Gaga on a previous visit to Israel in August 2009. Photo by Flash90.
Lady Gaga lifts Tel Aviv

Provocative pop star and singing legend Tony Bennett surprise 23,000 fans with a duet of ‘I Can’t Give You Anything but Love.’

Lady Gaga lifts Tel Aviv
Posh new Waldorf Astoria opens in Jerusalem
Vans Israel films a surfer’s paradise
Coffee Express, Cofizz and Cofix wage coffee war
Israel’s Energy Past… and Future

As Israel makes the transition to a consumer and exporter of natural gas, a look at Oil Refineries whose history parallels that of the modern-day State.

Israel’s Energy Past… and Future
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