AlgoValue cofounder and CEO Raphael Meyara, left, and cofounder and CFO Tsachi Hageg.

AlgoValue, a disruptive new platform for determining the worth of a private startup, is catching on with VCs, CFOs, accountants and lawyers worldwide.


Raise a glass to Tel Aviv’s thriving cocktail and wine-bar scene.

Jeep touring in Arad. Photo: Tal Glick

Arad lies west of the Dead Sea, south of the Judean Desert and north of the Eastern Negev with its moon-like craters and breathtaking ridges.

Nanotechnology will transform medicine. Photo by

Israeli scientists are manipulating the tiniest parts of matter to make life better for millions of people around the world.

Gazelle Valley’s New Lease on Life

Jerusalem’s rejuvenated Emek HaTzvaim — a unique ecological habitat situated in the heart of urban space — reopens this week after years of controversy.

Gazelle Valley’s New Lease on Life
Photo of the Week: Ashkelon National Park
Crumbs / Land of the Living
Photo of the Week – Dog days
Voting at Hillel Yaffe

On Election Day, patients at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center were able to exercise their right to vote – fitting testament to a visionary pioneering doctor after whom the hospital is named.

Voting at Hillel Yaffe
Elections 1965
Creating Values for Women
Making Some Noise on Purim
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