Jersusalem-based instructor Ayo Oppenheimer bases a student, Rabbi Rachel Kobrin, in her first acro-yoga flight. Photo by Daniel Cuevas

Don’t let the word ‘yoga’ deceive you. Acro-yoga is not about oneness or self-reflection, but communication, cooperation and trust with your partner.

colaj tricouri

Nir Peled’s edgy graffiti-inspired fashion and graphic design is on Puma jackets, Absolut bottles and Coke ads.

A wedding at the Tower of David is expensive but spectacular. Photo by Yifat Yogev Dadon

Have your nuptials on the beach, atop a historic tower, in a cave, forest, desert, winery or national park, as fancy or as casual as you like.

Avi Hasson, chief scientist in the Ministry of Economy, speaking with Quiet Therapeutics’ Ron Lahav at IATI Biomed 2015.

IATI Biomed 2015 conference in Tel Aviv attracted the cream of the healthcare-industry crop from 45 countries.

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