IsraAid in action after Typhoon Hayain in the Philippines, which killed over 6,300 people in that country alone.

The relief organization, IsraAid, arrives soon after a disaster and stays for as long as it takes to get the country back on its feet.


This beautiful 19th century neighborhood offers green parks, history and culture, with a view of Old Jerusalem that can’t be beat.

A visitor inspecting a diamond during International Diamond Week at the Ramat Gan Bourse, February 2015. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/FLASH90

Hundreds of buyers wowed by new technologies at 2015 International Diamond Week in Ramat Gan.

What’s in that drink? Futuristic device lets you find out

Want to know which watermelon is sweeter, whether an avocado is ripe, or what’s in that diamond? New pocket-sized molecular sensor reveals all.

Israel’s Season of Glass

Contemporary glass artworks are the subject of not one but two new exhibits at Israeli museums where collections of ancient glass are also on display.

Israel’s Season of Glass
Photo of the Week – Tel Aviv after the storm
A different view of Jerusalem in snow
Photo of the Week – Snow story
Making Some Noise on Purim

The custom of drowning out Haman’s name with noise-makers has been around since medieval times but there are always ways to update an old tradition.

Making Some Noise on Purim
Evolution of the Israeli campaign video
Remembering the Man Behind the Duck
Au Revoir Binyanei HaUma
Israel in Video

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