Archeologist Omry Barzilai of the Israel Antiquities Authority holding the human skull found in the Manot cave. (Photo: Hadas Parush/FLASH90)

Manot Cave in Western Galilee yields unexpected find, providing new insights into the migration of modern humans out of Africa.

Wix is branching out rapidly.

Post-IPO, Israeli website builder Wix grows vertically into the hospitality and restaurant markets.

Mati Oren with his four medals at the Shanghai Special Olympics World Games in 2007.

Mati Oren is one of 40 Special Olympics athletes preparing to represent Israel at the 2015 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Nanotechnology is transforming medicine. Photo by

Find out how Israeli scientists are manipulating the tiniest parts of matter to make life better for millions.

Moriah Lahis 268x178
Revealing the Collective Memory

Working with traditional materials in an non-traditional fashion, photographer Moria Lahis has created a series of contemporary photos that evoke a feeling of the past.

Revealing the Collective Memory
Photo of the Week – Epiphany at the Jordan
Salt of the Earth
Photo of the Week – Banias torrent
Celebrating Kishon’s Legacy

Humorist Ephraim Kishon’s essays, movies and plays skewered Israeli society, cleverly and lovingly, in ways that still ring true decades after they were first written.

Celebrating Kishon’s Legacy
Photobombing the Enemy
Snow in Tel Aviv – 1950
Singing in the Rain
Israel in Video

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