SolarOr uses sunlight to generate electricity for a building. Image via (shutterstock high rise)

A promising Israeli technology fits inside ‘curtain walls’ and generates solar electricity for a high-rise building while allowing light inside.

Inna Slutsky in her Tel Aviv University lab.

Research offers the potential for restoring memory and protecting the brain of patients with this debilitating disease.

Gonen Fink with his children at Emerald Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

Chutzpah, resilience and out of the box thinking led this former Check Point architect into energy-generating windows and disruptive cyber solutions.

The war didn’t deter young techies from around the world to come to Tel Aviv for a hackathon.

‘This is a pattern that’s repeated itself in the last three wars,’ says OurCrowd’s Jon Medved. ‘Israelis are pretty resilient.’

Rubi Rivlin: Israel’s Jerusalem-grown president

There many aspects to Israel’s new President Reuven “Rubi” Rivlin that make him the Israeli everyman, including his 1950s upbringing in the once small town known as Jerusalem.

Rubi Rivlin: Israel’s Jerusalem-grown president
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