KamaTech founders Moshe Friedman and Zika Abzuk at the Microsoft R&D center, flanking four Haredi students placed by KamaTech at Microsoft, Marvel and Check Point.

‘When everyone belongs, we’ll be much more powerful as a society,’ says Cisco executive involved in advancing job prospects of the ultra-Orthodox.

Officer Oren training with his ALEH partner.

‘We are not doing this because we have to,’ one officer says as he walks tethered to his young partner with an Upsee. ‘We thought it was something important, and a joy.’

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Israel’s Kadimastem is testing its technology for differentiating pluripotent stem cells into a range of functional human cells.

ISRAEL21c President Amy Friedkin with Eli Beer, founder of United Hatzalah, at the AIPAC conference in Washington.

ISRAEL21c was in Washington for the AIPAC Policy Conference, where 16,000 delegates met Israeli innovators featured on our site.

Making Some Noise on Purim

The custom of drowning out Haman’s name with noise-makers has been around since medieval times but there are always ways to update an old tradition.

Making Some Noise on Purim
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