Cows are the most environmentally draining livestock on the market. Image via

New Israeli research reveals surprising results about how the animal protein in our diets exacts a high price from the planet.

Whey may be the way to go. Image via

New Israeli research suggests whey protein powder helps prevent spikes in blood sugar even after a high-glycemic meal.

A young couple silhouetted at Jerusalem's Light Festival. Photo by Mendy Hechtman/FLASH90

A new study suggests that being responsive to a potential partner is perceived as a feminine trait.

Soldiers wounded in combat in Gaza are led to the emergency room at Soroka. Photo by Hadas Parush/FLASH90

Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva has treated 1,116 casualties — 740 soldiers, 376 civilians.

Conflict Within & Without

A new exhibition of urban photography explores the conflicts that are part and parcel of Israeli society.

Conflict Within & Without
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“Cultural terror tunnel”? Authors “rolling in their graves”? There’s a brouhaha over a new supermarket product line featuring beloved characters from Israeli children’s books

Culture Wars On the Supermarket Shelf
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