If you think animation studios are exclusive to Hollywood and Japan, think again. Israelis are in high demand for global collaborations.

Merson: “I was mad, so I made the video.”

‘The Voice’ contestant Sara Merson offers touching rendition of Matisyahu’s pro-peace track from an Ashdod shelter.

Israel Under Attack home page.

A Belgian-Israeli Jew and a Dutch Muslim developed Israel Under Attack, a new computer tool for mapping rocket trajectories from Gaza.

The IDF field hospital in Haiti in 2010.

The makeshift facility will treat mainly women, children and the elderly hurt during the current war in Gaza.

Brutalism’s Beer Sheva Comeback

The style known as Brutalism that built modern-day Beer Sheva is examined in two new exhibitions and a new architectural guide.

Brutalism’s Beer Sheva Comeback
Photo of the Week – Wedding under fire
Along the Protective Edge
Photo of the Week – Nothing stops for the game
Jerusalem’s Medical Tradition

From biblical balms to 21st century medical research, the evolution of medicine in Jerusalem is the topic of a fascinating exhibit at the Tower of David Museum.

Jerusalem’s Medical Tradition
Every Home a Shelter
Treasures in the Walls of Old Acre
Jerusalem War Cemetery