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ISRAEL21c rounds up the top super-cool technological advances from Israeli companies that you should keep an eye on next year.

Young people have been flocking to the Haifa Port for Kartel events. Photo by Matansky

An abandoned industrial building at the port is transformed into an urban art platform attracting international talent.

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A revolutionary diagnostic system under development in Israel uses a mouthwash embedded with gold nanoparticles to detect cancer cells.

Brayola founder Orit Hashay has been named to many lists of female entrepreneurs to watch.

Two of the Israeli women entrepreneurs singled out by the magazine in 2013 tell ISRAEL21c if the attention helped fuel their startups.

Christmas vendors abound in the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood of Haifa. Photo by Jorge Novominsky/FLASH90
The best of the Christmas markets in Israel

Although just two percent of the Israeli population identifies as Christian, Christmas markets do a brisk business in December.

The best of the Christmas markets in Israel
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#LightForLima in the Holy City
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Local Testimony 2014 – Part 1

The prestigious local exhibition features the best documentary and press photos from Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Local Testimony 2014 – Part 1
Photo of the Week – Is this really winter?
Cafe Tamar People
Photo of the Week – Batsheva at rehearsal
Coins of Israel – Ancient and New

The Bank of Israel opens its doors to the public with an exhibit of modern-day coins and the ancient ones on which their designs are based, including Hasmonean dynasty rarities.

Coins of Israel – Ancient and New
Cafe Tamar People
Garbage Goes Green
November 29, 1947
Israel in Video

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