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Kibbutz Tirat Zvi is one of the world’s top 10 hottest places to live. ISRAEL21c talked to residents to find out how they handle the heat.

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Groundbreaking fiber-optic laser system seamlessly closes incisions after corneal transplants, and could be used in many other surgeries.

Technology 2015 Exhibition at the Tel Aviv Convention Center. Photo by Benny Gam Zu Letova

Israel is one of the world’s hot spots for advanced manufacturing and industrial technology.

Israel is a kid’s paradise. Photo via

Want to keep your child entertained this summer? ISRAEL21c’s ultimate guide includes 25 categories, and over 180 activities to keep your kids happy.

Haifa Port handover – 1948

At the flag raising, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion described the final withdrawal of British troops as “one of the greatest days in the State of Israel’s history.”

Haifa Port handover – 1948
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