Zachy Hennessey
April 3

Conflict often brings about unexpected shifts, and in the world of cryptocurrency, the Israeli landscape is witnessing a serious surge.

The global crypto sector has seen an influx of over $11 billion since the approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in January, and according to research from Collider, Israel’s largest crypto-focused fund, the Israeli crypto industry has similarly flourished. 

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing war with Hamas, local startups have raised more than $100 million since October 7th.

Based on Collider’s data, the number of innovators in the space is expected to grow significantly in the short to medium term, fueling further developments and advancements.

“Despite the war, and many founders being called as reservists, Israeli companies have continued to innovate and build remarkable products,” noted Avishay Ovadia, Founding Partner of Collider.

Cap map: Collider’s Israeli Crypto Ecosystem Map plots the many companies operating within various crypto industry sectors. Photo from Collider.

According to the second edition of Collider’s recently-released Israeli Crypto Ecosystem Map, around $115 million has been raised by Israel’s 145+ firms operating in the industry since the onset of the war. 

One notable success story is Starkware, which achieved a staggering $20 billion valuation — earning it the title of “Decacorn.”

Many of the global crypto industry’s leading projects were founded by alumni of elite cyberintelligence units, highlighting the fusion of technical expertise and real-world experience driving innovation in digital asset security.

“Recently, we have seen a significant increase in the number of entrepreneurs building in the crypto space, especially in areas like security and infrastructure,” said Ovadia. “As the largest local fund, we are doubling down on our investments in Israel, [as] there is an incredibly large pool of talent here.”

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