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April 4, Updated July 4

This article is being updated regularly! Below is a list of past updates:
July 4: Canada Air is now the only listed airline with postponed flights to Israel.
June 4: Delta Airlines to resume flights on June 7; United Airlines, Air India resume flights.
May 15: Air Canada delays flights until August 5. Wizz cancels Summer flights; EasyJet resumes flights.
May 9: United Airlines again postpones until June 1.

May 1: United Airlines extends delay until May 9; Air India delays flights until mid-May.
April 21: Air Canada and United Airlines delay flights until early May.

Air travel to Israel was considerably muddied up by the tragic events of October 7 and the subsequent war in Gaza. Following Hamas’ shock attack in Southern Israel, international airlines around the world temporarily halted their routes to Israel, leaving a surprising lack of options for those wishing to make their way in and out of the country.

With airlines around the world delaying and resuming their flights to Israel seemingly every few days, prospective travelers may want to know which are also planning their returns to the Holy Land, and which are currently offering flights.

An El Al plane in Ben Gurion Airport. Photo by Chameleons Eye, Shutterstock.
An El Al plane in Ben Gurion Airport. Photo by Chameleons Eye, Shutterstock.

The below list is subject to change as events continue to unfold (and there’s definitely a lot unfolding), but here’s a look at what’s going where as of July 4, 2024:

Airlines currently offering flights to and from Israel (in alphabetical order).

  • Aegean Airlines (Europe)
  • Air France (Europe)
  • Air Europa (Europe)
  • Air India (Asia)
  • Austrian Airlines (Europe)
  • Arkia (Europe, Middle East)
  • Azerbaijan Airlines (Europe)
  • Blue Bird (Europe, Middle East)
  • British Airways (Europe)
  • Brussels Airlines (Europe)
  • Bulgaria Air (Europe)
  • Cathay Pacific (Asia)
  • Cyprus Airways (Europe)
  • Delta (North America)
  • Easyjet (Europe)
  • El Al (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa)
  • Ethiopian Airlines (Africa)
  • Etihad Airways (Middle East)
  • Eurowings (Europe)
  • Finnair (Europe)
  • FlyDubai (Middle East)
  • Georgian Airways (Europe)
  • Hainan Airlines (Asia)
  • Heisaki (Europe)
  • Iberia (Europe)
  • Israir (Europe, Middle East)
  • ITA (Europe)
  • KLM (Europe)
  • Korean Air (Asia)
  • LOT (Europe)
  • Lufthansa (Europe)
  • Ryanair (Europe)
  • Smart Wings (Europe)
  • Sun D’Or (Middle East)
  • Swiss (Europe)
  • Transavia (Europe)
  • TUS Airways (Europe, Middle East)
  • United Airlines (North America)
  • Vueling (Europe)
  • Wizz Air (Europe)

Airlines resuming operation later in 2024:

  • Air Canada (North America) – Flights to Israel temporarily suspended until August 5. (Updated May 15)
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