ISRAEL21c is an online news magazine offering the single most diverse and reliable source of news and information about 21st century Israel to be found anywhere. It is a vast resource of thousands of originally written and produced articles, videos, and blogs by some of Israel’s leading journalists. Free from bias or prejudice, ISRAEL21c is a uniquely apolitical nonprofit organization.

ISRAEL21c publishes it content daily, and through a weekly newsletter that reaches 50,000 subscribers.

Focusing beyond the Middle East conflict, ISRAEL21c offers topical and timely reports on how Israelis from all walks of life and religion, innovate, improve and add value to the world. Our articles show how Israeli efforts have contributed incalculably to the advancement of health-care, environment, technology, culture, and global democratic values worldwide.

The site redefines the conversation about Israel, offering a fair and balanced portrayal of the country, and focusing media and public attention on Israel’s vibrant diversity, humanity, creativity, innovative spirit, and responsiveness.

ISRAEL21c reaches an audience of about 100,000 unique readers every month. Visitors are diverse and include politicians, statesmen, investors, trade officials, and journalists from around the world, as well as a lay audience curious about life and issues facing Israel today.

Our YouTube channel is the all-time number one most subscribed nonprofit channel from Israel, and the all-time number one most viewed nonprofit channel in Israel. We are the 70th most subscribed channel in Israel.

To date, ISRAEL21c has identified, pitched and placed more than 10,000 stories in hundreds of influential media outlets globally. Stories originating at ISRAEL21c have appeared in the New York Times, Newsweek, Time, AP, Reuters, CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera, as well as top blogs, Huffington Post, Treehugger, MedGadget and Gizmodo.

ISRAEL21c has trained more than 1,500 Israel activists in seven US cities at its New Paradigm Communications Summits, on college campuses and other settings. We provide content for thousands of students and teachers in religious and secular schools all over the world.

Founded by high-tech entrepreneurs and philanthropists Zvi Alon and Eric Benhamou in 2000, the website went live on November 1, 2001. The organization is headquartered in Israel and San Francisco and is jointly led by our professional staff under Editor-in-Chief, Nicky Blackburn, and our dedicated board of directors, under President Amy Friedkin.

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