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April 18

In a historic turn of events, Iran unleashed a massive onslaught against Israel on Saturday night. Approximately 300 attack drones and missiles were launched from Iranian territory, marking the Islamic Republic’s first direct assault on Israel.

Despite heightened tensions, life in Israel continues — and everybody’s gotta eat. As it turns out, some of Israel’s over 135,000 Iranian Jews provide the country with a vibrant culinary landscape influenced by Persian flavors. 

For those looking to savor authentic Iranian cuisine in Israel, here are six restaurants that offer a taste of Iran’s gastronomic heritage. Check out our Instagram post to see more visuals.

1. Gourmet Sabzi

Gourmet Sabzi tantalizes with Persian spices and herbs. Photo via
Gourmet Sabzi tantalizes with Persian spices and herbs. Photo via

Located on Levinski St 47 in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Gourmet Sabzi’s ambiance is filled with the enticing scents of Persian spices and herbs, creating an immersive dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a business gathering for up to 30 guests, Gourmet Sabzi offers a versatile space where flavors and ambiance harmonize seamlessly.

2. Gohar

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Situated on HaTa’as St 26 in Kfar Saba, Gohar has undergone an exciting transformation, evolving into a vibrant delicatessen that celebrates authentic Persian cuisine. Alongside traditional dishes, Gohar presents a tantalizing selection of smoked meats and innovative vegetarian and vegan options. A newly opened seating area provides a comfortable setting to indulge in quality delicatessen products while exploring the rich flavors of Iran.

3. Shamshiri

6 Iranian restaurants in Israel ‘exploding’ with flavor
Shamshiri is a haven for authentic Persian cuisine. Photo via

Nestled on Nahalat Binyamin St 99 in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Shamshiri has been a beacon of authentic Persian cuisine since 2000. From its inviting dining space to Persian catering services and a Friday Persian food market, Shamshiri offers a nostalgic journey through traditional Persian dishes. Guests can expect a blend of robust flavors and warm hospitality that captures the essence of Iranian culinary heritage.

4. Salimi

Just down the road from Shamshiri at Nahalat Binyamin 80 in Tel Aviv, Salimi has earned a reputation for its straightforward yet flavorful Persian fare. What sets Salimi apart is its unique dining experience where there are no menus; instead, the waitress decides the meal for you. Despite the bustling atmosphere, Salimi remains a popular choice for a quick and satisfying lunch, thanks to its hearty dishes and reasonable prices — though be ready for their cash-only policy.

5. Kuzina

Found on Bograshov St 36 in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Kuzina is renowned for its authentic Persian cuisine curated by Chef Daryush Yosef, boasting over 45 years of culinary expertise from Persia. From tangy salads to signature dishes, each plate at Kuzina is crafted with love and served generously, reflecting the essence of Persian hospitality at an affordable price point.

6. Renaissance

Located on Shoham St 4 in Ramat Gan, Renaissance offers an immersive Persian dining experience, blending original home-cooked meals with grilled meats. The restaurant’s focus on authenticity ensures that every bite is a taste of Iran, showcasing the diversity and richness of Persian cuisine.

Each of these restaurants not only serves exquisite Iranian dishes but also embodies the cultural heritage and warmth that define Persian hospitality, making them must-visit destinations for culinary enthusiasts exploring Israel’s vibrant food scene.

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