Zachy Hennessey
April 11

One of the best ways to capture the essence of the spring season is through song, and there’s something special about classic Israeli music that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and energy of springtime.

Here are our 10 favorite tunes that evoke the spirit of spring, conveniently gathered for you in our Classic Israeli Songs of Spring playlist on Spotify.

1. Eich Yodim She’bah Aviv (How Do You Know Spring Is Coming) 

If you were to ask my three-year-old daughter to name the top 10 classic Israeli songs of spring, she would simply list this song 10 times and call it a day. 

A romping exploration of the context clues that indicate the arrival of spring, this bona fide hit by Datia Ben Dor is perfect for the early days of spring, the late days of spring, most days of the summer, just about all of fall, and a hefty portion of winter as well — at least, that’s what my daughter has insisted for the past three years.

2. B’Ikvotayich (In Your Footsteps) 

The duo Ilan & Ilanit’s performance of this classic Ehud Manor song is as uplifting as it is generous with its use of a referee whistle as a form of percussion.

3. HaOhavim et HaAviv (Lovers of Spring)

As its title suggests, this 1969 song by Shalom Hanoch, performed by HaShlosharim (The Three’ngers), celebrates the love and joy that spring brings. After a single listen you’ll find yourself humming “dinga ding” for the remainder of the season.

4. Aviv (Spring) 

Known for their humorous and satirical songs, HaGashash HaHiver’s rendition of “Spring” by Yossi Gamzu and Moshe Vilensky is a lighthearted take on the joys of the season. This one’s got it all: catchy melodies, witty lyrics and just the right dose of accordion to kick the spring off right.

Wild kalaniyot (anemones) bloom in February and March in Israel. Photo by Zachy Hennessey
Wild kalaniyot (anemones) bloom in February and March in Israel. Photo by Zachy Hennessey

5. Pitom Nafal Alay Aviv (Suddenly, Spring Fell Upon Me)

This timeless song by Ilan Goldhirsch and Gidi Koren, performed by The Brothers & The Sisters, is a poetic celebration of the arrival of spring. Like people who find themselves standing in a room with no idea how they got there or why, this song has a vibe of “Okay, I guess we’re here now!” 

6. Aviv Balev (Spring in the Heart) 

Probably the most dramatic composition you’ll ever hear in a song about the time of year in which cute flowers and bees come out and do their stuff. This version of the Manos Hadjidakis song is performed by Israeli legend Yehoram Gaon.

7. Onot (Seasons) 

Singing star Aviv Geffen’s “Seasons” captures the bittersweet essence of spring, touching on themes of change, growth and the passage of time that are synonymous with this season of transition. This one’s also great for those who don’t mind a little bit of winter and summer touching their spring song lyrics.

8. Susim Ba’im (Horses Are Coming) 

This lively folk song, performed by Havurat Renanim, captures the festive atmosphere often associated with spring celebrations. If you want to spend the entire season riding a horse, you may have just found your new anthem.

9. Eizeh Yom Yafeh (What a Beautiful Day) 

Even though it sounds like it was recorded on a wax cylinder in the year 1897, this song performed by The Yarkon Trio has a lot to love: three part harmonies, twangy guitars and a whole lot of classic Israeli optimism about the winter being over.

10. Simcha Raba (Great Joy) 

If I insisted that my toddler include another song on her songs of spring playlist, this would appear once, before another few rounds of “How Do You Know Spring Is Coming.” Dudu Elharar’s rendition of the Passover classic heralds the spring holiday season, and it’s got a certain bounce to it that you can’t help but bop to.

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