I’m 35 years old, born in Israel, raised in Argentina, and returned to Israel in 2009. Since 2018, I’ve been working in humanitarian and community development projects around the world, most of the time with IsraAID, where I am now head of mission for Israel Emergency Response.

In my role at IsraAID, I was primarily focused on supporting our projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, on October 7th, everything shifted when I was asked to join the team initiating the response right here in Israel. Without hesitation, by October 8th, I found myself en route to the Dead Sea, extending support to evacuees during a time of urgent need.

This shift brought a different set of challenges compared to my previous experiences working in other countries. While my deep familiarity with the context provided an advantage, it also presented emotional challenges due to my personal connection to the place, the people, and the situation of conflict. 

Our role is pivotal during these challenging times. We work closely with affected communities, collaborating hand in hand to address the immediate challenges they face. Together, we identify and implement solutions, leveraging the leadership within these communities to navigate difficulties effectively and build a sustainable path forward.

“I draw immense inspiration from the incredible women I have encountered throughout my journey.”

Creating impact at a moment like this requires a multi-faceted approach. First and foremost, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of listening and understanding the needs and priorities of the communities we serve. We believe in working hand in hand with these resilient communities, leveraging their strengths and knowledge to identify effective solutions that will enhance community resilience.

Furthermore, we prioritize connecting with local authorities, recognizing the vital role they play in coordinating responses and facilitating long-term sustainability. At IsraAID, we are committed to sharing resources and knowledge, and strengthening local capacities, ensuring that our efforts not only result in an effective immediate response but also lay the groundwork for sustainable, long-term impact.

We are currently transitioning from the initial response stage to a new phase focused on long-term rebuilding efforts. Our team of approximately 60 professionals, each bringing diverse expertise and backgrounds, is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to communities, authorities, and local organizations. 

We aim to facilitate the effective implementation of plans addressing immediate, mid-term and long-term solutions. Centered around three key areas — education, psychosocial support and community development — we prioritize collaboration with local authorities and organizations. 

We can enhance our resilience by staying connected to our support network, prioritizing self-care when necessary, and fostering collaborative efforts in our work and personal lives. By nurturing these connections and practices, we can navigate challenges more effectively and emerge stronger together.

Posttraumatic growth, characterized by the positive psychological changes that can arise in the aftermath of trauma, offers a glimmer of hope in these challenging times. Just as individuals can develop resilience, stronger relationships, and a deeper sense of purpose following adversity, I believe this concept can extend to our collective experiences. 

As a proud feminist, hard worker and friendly individual, what drives me at work is action –making things happen quickly while seeking the best ways to create long-term impact.

I find my greatest motivation and inspiration in the remarkable individuals I have the privilege to work alongside, both within the communities we serve and within my own team. Each person I encounter brings a unique perspective and strength, and I am continuously learning from their resilience and determination.

Moreover, I draw immense inspiration from the incredible women I have encountered throughout my journey – from our partners to community members and fellow team members – who have stepped up to take on leadership roles during these challenging times. Witnessing their courage and commitment serves as a constant reminder of the power of women’s voices and their unwavering dedication to making a difference.

I want to believe that from these extremely hard days, people and communities can come together, bound by shared experiences and a collective commitment to supporting one another. Through this solidarity, I am optimistic that we can cultivate resilience, foster innovative solutions to address challenges and build a brighter future for all.