I’m Hadassa, wife to Daniel, who’s been serving since the seventh of October, and mother to two kids. We live in the south and have been taking care of soldiers thanks to my online community.

I see myself as unapologetically Israeli. I help my online followers send their love to soldiers and “sheroes.”

On October 7th we were at home, hiding in a bomb shelter. The house across from us got hit, Daniel got called up and although we were okay — we were very much not okay.

“I know people who didn’t get it were able to understand what we’re going through here because of my page.”

Each one of us has a unique Jewish light. And whatever that means for you, it’s time to let it shine! That’s how we stay strong and alive.

My role has been to connect my online community to Israel and give them the opportunities to help here. I know people who didn’t get it were able to understand what we’re going through here because of my page. And it keeps me empowered to keep on trying to show up.

I’m just vocalizing my thoughts and feelings, helping others do the same. If I can post something, I do. And it gets shared around enough that I know it’s the right thing to do. 

I gain motivation and inspiration from our soldiers who won’t stop. My greatest challenge following October 7th was accepting that I have what to give to the world, and that I have to do whatever it takes to be a leader and giver, not a follower of the masses.

We create a positive impact by taking care of the sheroes keeping the homes whole until the fathers get home, and taking care of the soldiers fighting in this war to keep them going as well. We’re supporting them and not stopping. 

My hope for the future is we will all be safe and know how to tell our story so we can change this insane narrative. I know we are outnumbered. But those fighting online need to be supported, educated and empowered to keep on creating content about this issue so we hopefully win the fight.

In this hard moment, we all found we had love for each other. I hope we learn how to keep that going.