I am a social activist who did a year of national service in the Druze youth organization. I was part of the “Network Ambassadors” program at Haifa University and for the past four years I worked in public diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

In recent years, I have been a project manager at the Arabs Together Association, which aims to bring Arab society closer to Jewish society. I founded the Druze Youth Congress with other partners in the Supreme Druze Religious Council and under the leadership of the spiritual leader of the Druze community, Sheikh Moafek Triff. 

I am also an external consultant for matters concerning the Abraham Accords. I have led informational missions to the countries of the Abraham Accords and the USA, and I brought Zikaron BaSalon — informal gatherings in private homes on Holocaust Remembrance Day — to the living rooms of Arab society for the first time.

In addition, I am content manager for a company that works under the Israel Police Spokespersons Division. After October 7th, I established an Arabic language learning project for Jewish citizens who were affected by the attack in order to make the Arabic language accessible. Language is power, and when you know your neighbor’s language, you understand him better.

Currently, I am a consultant and facilitator for the Nova project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education in Druze society for the commemoration of the Nova music festival victims. I received a Peres Center for Peace and Innovation award for my work since the outbreak of the war. I strongly believe in the justice of the imposed war on us.

“Hamas wanted to harm all Israelis – Jews, Arabs, Druze — so it’s time for us all to unite. Only with unity can we overcome.”

I work to bridge gaps between societies in Israel, lead bicultural meetings, and projects such as learning the Arabic language, 

I know how much power I have as a minority, as a woman, as a Druze Israeli working for Israel. My voice has a lot of influence and I have the advantage of being able to use Arabic to convey the message to the Arab world in the language they speak.

On October 7th, my managers called me at 6:45am. They said that there was an unusual event and that they needed me at work. I didn’t really understand what was happening until I opened my phone and saw the videos. At first I thought it was videos from a movie and I couldn’t believe it was happening in Israel. And I realized that I need to start working to understand the situation.

Just as there’s an arena of combat in the field, there is the arena of consciousness in the world and I have been working around the clock to convey our messages. 

Everyone can help in their own way, by creating content, sharing stories from the field, making the Israeli story known to the world, responding on the networks to fake news, filming videos, visiting the soldiers and strengthening them. This is what I do, and if I am able to influence even one person, my message will go to dozens more.

 I gain motivation and inspiration mainly from my family who supports me and my path, and also from people who believe in my path, in messages of support that I receive every day, and also from messages from Palestinians who threaten me and attack me, proving to me that I am on the right path and that I influence and manage to annoy them by the very fact that I share the truth as a Druze as an Israeli as an Arabic speaker.

“When you know your neighbor’s language, you understand him better.”

The terrorist organization Hamas wanted to harm all Israelis – Jews, Arabs, Druze — so it’s time for us all to unite against the terrorist organization against threats both in the north and in the south. Only with unity can we overcome.

It is also time for all of us to express the voice and cry of the Israelis, to flood social media with stories showing the world that there was a ceasefire before October 7th and Hamas invaded Israeli territory and killed, raped and beheaded children.

My path is very much connected to the path of my Druze community, which has been an integral part of the state since its establishment. 

In 1956, the Druze spiritual leader signed a mandatory conscription agreement, so every year the young men of the Druze community join the military and serve in key positions. They are fighting in the heart of Gaza together with Christian, Muslim and Jewish soldiers. On the home front there are Druze women who went to the bases and the streets to cook for soldiers, sent food baskets to soldiers and to residents evacuated from their homes.

The Druze community has always done its part for our country and we will forever be a part of it, for better or for worse. There are many obstacles and challenges on the way, and many threats, but I am no longer scared by all those keyboard “heroes.”

I hope that peace will prevail in the Middle East, that we will succeed in destroying the terrorist organization Hamas as soon as possible and that all the abductees and soldiers will return home safely.

I hope that the entire Israeli society — Arabs and Jews — understands that we have a common external enemy and do not need to get involved in internal disputes.