I am a public health physician and professor of epidemiology, working at the Hebrew University – Hadassah School of Public Health. I serve the public as chairman of the Israel Association of Public Health Physicians, striving with many partners for a healthier Israel and Israelis. 

I live in Rehovot with my wife Orit and our three children. I published around 150 scientific publications on various health issues, with a focus on “data for action.” My seminal study on the dramatic decline of global sperm count highlights the unhealthy environment we live in.

My work aims to make Israel and the world healthier and to help people make healthier choices by making the healthy choice the easy choice. These are the cardinal issues that determine our health such as smoking, physical activity, environmental hazards, and exposure to nature. I study the main determinants of public health in regular times and emergencies, including behavioral, social and environmental.

From the very first days of the current crisis, I realized that the hostages and their families are in great need, including from a health perspective. I volunteer around the clock to safeguard their health. 

I established and lead the health team of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum. We provided the health dimension needed for their survival by highlighting their urgent health needs. We published written and oral reports on their health needs. As [French] President Macron revealed, I initiated a medication transfer for the hostages. We are providing health support to the families. It is a great privilege for me to help them.

“I find inspiration whenever people care for each other.”

We should stick together and help each other. We are all one living human tissue. We should keep our health by being active socially and physically.

The hostages are at great danger and their families are also in hell. The Israeli and global society should support them and above all do whatever it takes to bring home all hostages.

I find motivation in being with the people for the people. Keeping hope. Providing vision. For me, the sanctity of life is the most important thing. I find inspiration whenever people care for each other. There are miracles and acts of generosity and friendship every day, in my family and in the hostage families’ outstanding resilience.

The great challenge is the apathy of some people who are losing hope; this was true before and even more after October 7th.

I hope in the future the health community will have greater power and values that can show Israel the way to rebuild and rehabilitate. We can heal, and we must focus on health for that.

I hope that from the abyss and crisis, we will overcome, internally and externally, and find peace at the individual, community, national and regional levels. I hope we will come to a wide understanding that life is the most sacred and important thing; to care and show mercy to each other.