I’m a standup comedian here in Israel. I grew up in Judea and Samaria and did my mandatory service in the IDF from 2006 to 2009. Ever since, I have had army reserve assignments every year or two. 

I’m single and currently living in Holon, and I see comedy as my mission and my calling in life. The only thing more important is advocating and educating the rest of the world about my country.

The events of October 7th found me on a vacation in Mexico, and of course, I did all I could to come back to Israel. On October 15th I was already back at my unit, doing my part.

The way I see my community and its role now is that we must make a unified front and support each other, as much as we can, both on social media and in real life. We need to stay unified and strong — and to work together to point out the hypocrisy of the world while staying true to ourselves.

To create an impact at a moment like this, I think you need to try to stay fact-based and put out well-researched content. Nobody cares about how we feel, but maybe they’ll care about facts and evidence.

“To create an impact at a moment like this, you need to try to stay fact-based and put out well-researched content.”

I find my motivation to do this work in who I am and where I live — just living here and being a Jew, that’s all the motivation and inspiration I really need. I did not like any job I had until I was 30. I discovered my love and talent for standup comedy, and then spent 70 days in Hebron doing IDF reserve service at the age of 35.

I hope we all keep working together and donate, help and support our troops, as I will try to do with live shows and raising money for tactical gear. 

I hope for peace, security and prosperity for Israel and the region, and wish that from this moment we will all gain the realization that we are all we have, and we need to stick closer as a community and protect one another.