I am a photojournalist based in Tel Aviv. For the past few years, I have been documenting the lives of more than 2,000 Tel Avivians and Israelis I’ve met on the street. I take their picture, conduct a short interview, and post their story on social media. 

My goal is to give people around the world an inside look into the rich and remarkably diverse lives of Israelis and showcase Israel’s multiculturalism and vibrant civil society.

Through my work, I’m helping to bridge a cultural gap in society both within and outside of Israel. My work brings understanding, emotional connection, and unity to many around the world.

What I love most about my projects is that I can reach people in a way that I’m not forcing my ideas upon others, but rather simply taking a photo, telling a story, and letting it speak for itself.  

Since the horrific October 7th attack, the incitement on the streets and social media fueled antisemitism and misconceptions about Israel and the Jewish people at large. I feel it’s imperative to fight back by showing the human side of Israel, to provide a reminder of what Israeli society is all about and what we are fighting for. 

To do so, I’ve created the Humans of October 7th project, which brings to light the human stories of the unique Israelis who stood up against terrorism. It shows Israeli DNA at its best and shows the incredible spirit and resilience of the Israeli people. 

“When we help and support one another we are increasing the resiliency of Israel as a whole.”

One of the things I’ve learned after capturing so many stories of various Israelis for the Humans of October 7th project is that Israeli society is truly amazing. When we help and support one another we are increasing the resiliency of Israel as a whole.

Communities across Israel showed that they can do amazing things when working together. We must continue striving to make Israel a better place for all. 

Every person can create an impact by harnessing our best capabilities. I’m a photographer and a storyteller so It was obvious to me that I should use my skills to tell the stories of the heroes of October 7th.

I find my inspiration and motivation in the stories I’ve captured for the Humans of October 7th project. I met firsthand the brave Israelis who rose to the moment. It was incredible to hear how they put themselves out there to help and rescue fellow Israelis. These heroes are civilians who decided to put their lives on the line to protect others. Some of them could have stayed home with their families but they decided to leave everything behind, went into the inferno, and rescued as many people as possible. That’s pure heroism.

It’s a different thing when you see their story on the news and when you are actually meeting them in person. It was hard to internalize the anguish and suffering they went through. The stories were heartbreaking, but the fact they decided to fight back gave me a lot of hope and redefined for me what resilience is all about.

“The stories were heartbreaking, but the fact they decided to fight back gave me a lot of hope and redefined for me what resilience is all about.”

The October 7th horrific massacre was the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust. During that day and the following month, I felt that my world, like many others in Israel and around the world, stopped. It seems like not only Israel won’t be the same after this brutal attack but also the whole Jewish world. I’m trying to bring hope and inspiration so we can all together rebuild a better and stronger Israel.

Every person has a story to tell and we need to respect that. We have to start listening to one another in order to create a joint future. When you are truly listening to someone and acknowledge their point of view, it’s easier to find common ground. That would be the first step for healing Israeli society after the past year.

Throughout history, Jewish sovereignty never exceeded more than 80 years. We are celebrating our 76 Independence Day so if we don’t want history to repeat itself we have to do everything in our power to foster the future of the state of Israel. 

As Golda Meir told the young senator Joe Biden: “We Jews have a secret weapon… we have no place to go.” At this moment in time, we all need to remember that so we can start rebuilding Israel.