On October 7th, we were hosting in our home 15 of my son’s friends from [signal intelligence] Unit 8200. At 6:30am, they all came into the living room and said that a war had broken out. 

I couldn’t believe that there would be an actual war in Israel in 2023, but slowly the picture became clearer, as they all left our house to join their various army units.

At Shurat HaDin, we immediately mobilized our activity for a war situation, working in cooperation with the security forces. We quickly filed a lawsuit against Hamas on behalf of the victims of the massacre and also against the Palestinian Authority.

We turned to the International Court of Justice in The Hague demanding the issuance of arrest warrants against the leaders of the terror organization, for the massacres, murder, torture, sexual violence, beheadings and mutilation suffered by so many on that day. 

Unfortunately, the sexual attacks continue to this day, as hostages are still held captive in Gaza, which is why we asked for these orders to be issued immediately.

At the same time, we are working against the Qatari charity fund and the crypto companies that allow and assist Hamas to raise funds. We sued the Red Cross, which did not help and still does not help the hostages to even get their meds, along with a lawsuit against United Nations Relief and Works Agency for participating in the massacre, the American government for funding UNRWA, and more, using every legal tool we have in this fight. 

We’ve also filed suits against Harvard for the rising antisemitism on campuses and the management’s utter failure to eradicate this radical phenomenon.

“We are fighting for our lives right now, and our victory will only come with unity.”

In order to create social resilience, everyone needs to unite for the joined purposes of this war, the eradication of Hamas, and the return of our hostages, two causes that do not have to come at the expense of each other. 

I find inspiration and motivation in the belief that the people of Israel are God’s people for eternity, who in all generations faced enemies who wished to destroy us, but with the help of God we have always been rescued from their hand, so I believe that the one who brought this upon us will also save us from it. 

We see now a true awakening among people, a return to Jewish roots, to tradition. We see it in the fighting spirit of the IDF soldiers, and in the mobilization of diaspora Jews who were very far from Israel in many respects, following the [proposed judicial] reform and the rip our nation has experienced around it. We now see an unprecedented closeness to our mutual core.

I believe that our nation and people are strong. We have gone through pogroms and disasters in the past, and not only survived but established a prosperous country. This time we will not run away but we will fight back. That’s what we do at Shurat HaDin.

I wish to see Hamas destroyed completely, not only as an organization but as an idea, and in its wake to see all terrorist organizations gone. 

My dream is that one day my six children will stop asking me, Mom, was there a terrorist attack? What can we do? I wish we could just live safely in this country. 

The most important thing is first of all our security, then we can reach peace with countries that are ready to allow the people of Israel to live a life of peace and quiet in this land.