Top 3 Humanitarian Aid Efforts of the Last Year Where Distance Wasn’t a Barrier

This last year was filled with hardships for everyone, but when we have the help from others, we can overcome our hardships together.
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California Wildfires

10 Israeli firefighters (in white) with colleagues from CalFire, September 2020. Photo courtesy of Israeli Consulate in San Francisco

On March 15th, following multiple lighting strikes in central and northern California, huge wildfires began to spread. News of the fires were being reported all over the world and people knew that they needed to come and help fight the fires. Israel recognized what was happening and immediately sprang into action. Itai Bardov, the Director of the US Consulates Department in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked Israel Fire and Rescue Services for 10 volunteers to help fight the fires. The services put out a call for volunteers and had received way more than the 10 volunteers needed, even though volunteering would mean that the firefighters would have to quarantine in Israel which would make them miss out on celebrating the Jewish High Holidays. Despite this, the firefighters got off the plane in California and were ready to lend a helping hand. The firefighter squad from Israel assisted the Californian Fire Society in every aspect, including fighting the fire and assisting people who were displaced because of the fire. The Israeli firefighter delegation vowed to help each other continue fighting fire if this problem were to arise again.

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Surfside Building Collapses – Humanitarian Aid Rushes In

Members of United Hatzalah’s Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit taking off for Florida on Saturday night, June 26. Photo courtesy of United Hatzalah

The collapse of a 12-story apartment building on July 24, 2021 in Surfside, Florida caused almost a hundred deaths and an urgency to search for more missing or trapped people. Israel rushed to offer assistance in three different ways: help in search-and-rescue, contributing to mental support, and providing useful materials. SmartAID’s humanitarian volunteer group participated in search missions to do everything in their power to rescue as many more people as they could. Israel’s Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit lent a hand to local rescue forces and others affected by the tragic event. Along with psychological support, Israel supplied clothing, food, medicine, and emergency lighting. Israel has and will continue to offer immense support and prove their commitment to aid other countries like the USA in times of difficulty.

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Haiti struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake

Devastation in Haiti following the August 14, 2021 earthquake. Photo by JCOM via SmartAID

On August 14th, two major earthquakes hit Haiti, causing 1,300 deaths and close to 6,000 injuries. Relief efforts were especially desperate because Tropical Storm Grace was on its way to Haiti. All of these factors led to Haiti declaring a state of emergency. This is when Israeli humanitarian aid organizations, SmartAID and IsraAID traveled across the world to come and help by providing mental health experts, clean water and energy. This is not the first time IsraAID traveled the far distance to Haiti in order to help. The rescue group also sent a team to Haiti for an earthquake in 2010 and a hurricane in 2016. Additionally, SmartAID partnered with Third Wave Volunteers to assess all the small areas affected in Haiti by these recent devastating earthquakes. Together these relief groups made it their priority to help those in need, no matter what the geographical barriers may be.

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The events that took place in California, Florida, and Haiti were marked by terrible tragedies, but also by the triumphs and light that came from Israeli support on the ground. Unlike any other country in the world, Israel and its first responders sprung into action to contribute to relief and aid efforts, and has done so disproportionately and on numerous occasions for decades. While the fact that Israel arrives first and leaves last may be surprising, it is important to recognize that Israelis are always ready to do what they can in order to help those in need, despite any barriers that may seem to prevent them from doing so. By being there to lend a helping hand, Israelis were able to assist those in need and better the world around us, one action at a time.

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