Israeli startups making a worldwide splash

Israel may be a tiny country but with the most startups per capita, even when they leave the nest they still make waves
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Israel may be a tiny country but with the most startups per capita, even when they leave the nest they still make waves. Indeed, Israeli startups, tech and innovation have a lasting impact on the entire world. While the roots of many of the companies below are Israeli, as they branch out in the world, they both bring their culture with them and connect with other aspects of the diaspora. Israeli startups are making splashes worldwide.

A clear example of where to find these companies is through Guy Franklin’s “Israeli Mapped in NY.” This is an interactive platform that maps Israeli startups that operate in New York. Israeli Mapped in NY visually demonstrates how Israeli innovation and creativity spreads to other parts of the world. In addition, it promotes the Israeli startup community to investors and other important potential stakeholders within the startup ecosystem. This map helps establish a base for Israeli innovation in New York City as well, especially as the number of Israeli startups moving to NYC each year continues to accelerate. Importantly, even though Israel is a small country, in proportion to its population, Israel has the largest number of startups in the world. New York, on the other hand, is a global consumer marketplace that offers greater access to capital and a wealth of advisors. Franklin has expanded his project to map Boston as well!

Lior Vaknin speaking at Startup Israel NYC meetup.

Israeli startups have spread their wings all over the world. In New York City, an Israeli entrepreneur named Lior Vaknin founded Israeli Startups NYC. The company focuses on building stronger relations between tech companies and communities in Israel and New York. The connection between Israeli and New York startup companies is not as strong as the Israel-Silicon Valley connection, however, Israeli Startups NYC aims to create and strengthen ties between the two. The company serves as an introduction to Israeli startup culture and the culture of Israel in general, creating a dialogue between Americans and Israelis in a process that will hopefully build positive relationships. Moreover, New York City is becoming a home for other Israeli startups too. The number of Israeli startups “based in New York has nearly doubled over the past year,” says NYIBA president Aaron Kopolwitz. Most recently, companies like Riskified, Sisense, Vast Data, and Via are establishing themselves in New York, similar to other Israeli startups such as Compass, Lemonade, Payoneer, Taboola, and The We Company (See our article on The Rise of Co-Work). These companies are paving the way for other Israeli startups to join the conversation as well. The startup culture in New York is a growing scene that can in part be attributed to Israeli startups.

Another Israeli startup that is making an impact globally is Archimedicx. Archimedicx is a search engine that allows users to search and compare medical procedures for transparency in cost, quality, and availability. The user can specify what language they speak, the time to receive the surgery, their financial limits and cost they are able to pay, and the place where the surgery will occur. Archimedicx is focused on making surgery available and affordable to those who need to receive care, but would have difficulty doing so otherwise. It is also used by medical tourists which is a fast-growing industry, now serving more than 50 million people annually. Importantly, the website and service is free for patients to use. The company focuses on connecting people to hospitals and getting people the care they need when they need it, acting as an efficient mediator between patient and hospital.

Archimedicx was one of three startups chosen to present to former president Shimon Peres at DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv last September. Here founder and CEO Moni Milchman is pictured with Peres. Photo: courtesy

It has been a global effort, inside and outside the companies, to propel startups to their strong position in the global marketplace today. Israeli startups are leading the conversation in growth, creating connections, positively impacting the world, and have spearheaded the journey into new territories, such as co-work, pioneering medical advancements, and more!

Ultimately, Israeli startups are operating efficiently and effectively from within Israel, and are growing at an impressive rate in the global community as well. The contribution to restoring the world’s sense of normalcy has been impressive, and companies are looking to make the world a better place. The energy and momentum are spreading to a global audience, and we are all watching Israeli startups ascend into the spotlight right before our eyes, each ready to give something unique to the world.

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