Top 10 international collaborations you probably haven’t heard of

By working together, countries can strengthen diplomatic relations while actively bettering the world
Youth organization leaders from Israel and the UAE meeting in Dubai to discuss the role of education in fighting climate change. Photo courtesy of KKL-JNF

Diplomatic relations are valuable and further strengthen and connect nations. Oftentimes countries will collaborate with one another in order to help those in need around the world. These relationships not only improve the lives of all those who benefit from the relief efforts, but they also establish connections between different countries and provide a foundation for peace.

Here are our Top Ten International Collaborations you should learn about:

Israeli Energy and Water Resources Minister Karine Elharrar, UAE Climate Change Minister Mariam Almheiri and Jordan Water and Irrigation Minister Mohammed Al-Najjar sign a water agreement at the Dubai Expo on November 22, 2021, as US Climate Envoy John Kerry and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed look on. Photo courtesy of the Israeli Foreign Ministry
  1. Israel and the United Arab Emirates join forces for a greener future
    Water, energy, and natural resource management is becoming an increasingly important issue. Sustainable development and renewable methods are necessary and urgent for global environments. Israel, like in other sectors, has innovative solutions for a greener future. Israel and the UAE are now engaging in the largest renewable energy project in the Middle East.
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  2. Israeli Ornithologist flies to Dubai to promote greener farms
    Israel’s Tel Aviv University had an environmental breakthrough by discovering that barn owls can act as biological pest control agents instead of toxic pesticides. The barn owls can consume destructive rodents and this project has been successful on Israeli farms. Israel has encouraged other countries to partake, and the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus and Switzerland all have already joined.
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    N-Drip’s system irrigating a Nebraska soybean field. Photo courtesy of N-Drip
  3. The Zero-Carbon, Gravity-Powered, Micro-Irrigation system working to conserve water
    Former Israeli Water commissioner, Prof. Uri Shani, addressed the high capital and expense of drip irrigation by developing N-Drip, a unique gravity-powered micro-irrigation system. There is a global water shortage occurring. N-Drip works to help slow the rate of water use. N-Drip has spread to about 20 countries in North America, Africa, and Asia. Replacing flood irrigation with N-drip is an effective solution to reduce water usage in these countries.
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    Basil plants growing in a greenhouse in the Jordan Valley. Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90
  4. The startup working to facilitate plant growth all over the world
    As the startup nation, Israeli companies frequently discover unique and creative ways to solve ongoing problems. Fermata.Tech, an Israeli agriculture startup, has assembled a successful solution for greenhouses to facilitate plant growth. Artificial intelligence is utilized to identify diseases and detect the presence of pest activity at an early enough stage to remedy the problem. Diseases will be unable to spread and infect plants with the implementation of this technology. The Israeli startup accommodates clients all over the globe: if there is a client tomorrow in South Africa or Brazil, they are ready to provide equipment with instructions to quickly and efficiently get the system running.
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  5. Watergen: Creating Drinking Water from Air for people everywhere
    A collaborative campaign between Israeli and American enterprises operates to collect water from the air to turn into clean drinking water for Native American communities in the United States. They are working together to combine resources of technology, products, marketing materials, and services. This teamwork allows more citizens to have access to clean drinking water.
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    Saving Meliponini stingless bees is Netanel Moshe Sagi’s passion. Photo courtesy of Holistic Tikun
  6. The Israeli saving stingless bees in Mexico
    An Israeli, Netanel Moshe Sagi, and his mother, Daniela, started a holistic retreat in Mexico in 2017 called Holistic Tikun. The retreat offers different classes, treatments, massages and excursions. Uniquely, Sagi takes guests through a rescue mission of native stingless bees from the deforestation devastating the Yucatan Peninsula. Holistic Tikun now has 24 rescued bee colonies which are dramatically helping the environment in Mexico with the help of those who visit from around the world.
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    ECOncrete is building eco-friendly marine infrastructure at the Port of Vigo, Spain. Photo courtesy of ECOncrete
  7. ECOncrete to build environmentally friendly ports on Spanish Coast
    An Israeli based group was part of a consortium called Living Ports that recently won funding for a large-scale demo project that will be displayed at the Port of Vigo in Spain. The consortium is also joined by the Port of Vigo: Spanish shipbuilding and ship repair company, Cardama Shipyard, and Technical University of Denmark’s Civil Engineering and Aquatic Resources Institutes. “Living Ports will be an iconic example for nature-inclusive port infrastructure: an active waterfront that also serves as a thriving habitat and a community focal point.” Additionally, the project will hopefully help the Port of Vigo reach zero carbon emissions by 2030.
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    Masdar and EDF Renewables signed a memorandum of understanding at a virtual ceremony during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2021. Photo: screenshot
  8. Exploring Renewable Energy opportunities
    Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company and EDR Renewables Israel worked together to explore renewable energy opportunities. “The UAE and Israel have embarked on a new era of cooperation on renewable energy and associated technologies, which will benefit both our nations and support our clean-energy objectives,” said Masdar CEO Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi.
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    Abu Dhabi institutions are collaborating with Israel on numerous ventures, including stem cell therapy, natural gas and endangered birds. Photo by Anshul Hari on Unsplash
  9. Hydrogen Engines making travel more environmentally friendly
    Israel’s Aquarius Engines and British multinational Kampac International formed the Middle East Aquarius Automotive company to produce automotive products that are based on Aquarius technology in the UAE. This will help the UAE explore the diverse ways to use electricity in an innovative fashion.
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    PICO Kids Ambassadors and peers from Dubai at a makeathon for water scarcity solutions. Photo by Barak Alkobi
  10. Inter-Country Youth Sustainability panel working towards peace and sustainability
    A five day summit occurred in Dubai between UAE teens and Jerusalem’s PICO kids where they were all tasked with developing prototypes for solving the water crisis. They came up with ideas such as vertical farms and desalination facilities.
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Israel works with other nations and spreads their discoveries in order to achieve a positive global impact. Through collaborative efforts, these countries and their representatives are able to help those around them by providing humanitarian relief and developing resources for a better and more sustainable future.


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