The many flavors of Israel

A cookbook displaying the true diversity of Israel through recipes from different Israeli ethnicities.
Chef Turgeman’s hummus, center right. Photo courtesy of David Citadel hotel

Did you know that Israel is home to about 9 million ethnically and religiously diverse Israelis? Many are unaware of the diversity within Israel. However, if you walk through the streets of Israel, you can often find small hints of each culture, many times through their cuisine. Have you ever had crepes on Ben Yehuda? Or Jachnun in the Machne Yehuda Market (Shuk)? Or maybe you have tried shakshuka in one of the many cafes across the country. Check out the cookbook below to learn about some of the many ethnicities of Israelis through their food.

Download the cookbook here.

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Miriam Cohen is a senior at Stern College, studying Biology and Business, in preparation for entering the Biotechnology field.

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