Help is on the way: the organizations working to help people in need

Rescue missions can help to save lives and protect people in dangerous situations. It is important that countries work to assist each other and restore health and safety after conflicts or disasters.
An IsraAID staffer at a refugee tent camp in Moldova. Photo by Ethan Schwartz/IsraAID

When tragedy strikes around the world, most people feel compelled to take action from afar. It is rare to see people purposefully fly towards catastrophes. However, there are some heroic world aid groups that do. Recently, there have been instances of bravery in this area by organizations such as ZAKA, IsraAID, United Hatzalah of Israel and Hatzolah Air. These groups defied expectations and in return were able to save lives across the globe. ZAKA, IsraAID and United Hatzalah of Israel are all examples of how Israel is a unique world leader in international relief efforts.

Dr. Zev Neuwirth with one of the patients in transport in Romania. Photo courtesy of United Hatzalah

The recent bombings in Ukraine in March 2022 have impacted countless Ukrainian citizens. After an airstrike hit an apartment complex, one family suffered various injuries leaving some members in critical conditions. ZAKA, an Israeli emergency rescue and recovery organization, worked to help the victims by transporting the family to a safe zone. ZAKA’s mission is to save those who can be saved, and honor those who cannot. United Hatzalah of Israel and Hatzolah Air helped with more emergency transportation to assist the family in receiving care and treatment. These nonprofits focus on fast and free medical help or transportation to help people of any race, religion, or national origin in need.

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Rescued Afghans on the plane to safety. Photo by Boaz Arad/IsraAID

Another conflict toward the end of 2021 provoked disaster response. Many citizens in Afghanistan were making efforts to evacuate the country to escape the Taliban overtaking. IsraAID, a non-profit Israeli humanitarian aid organization, has been committed to helping refugees all over the world for several years. Their tagline, ‘When the need is urgent, so is our response,’ is truly a reflection of the work they do. The organization began a mission to save vulnerable people in Afghanistan. This initiative was able to ensure the evacuees have support while they are forced to build new lives for themselves. IsraAID is continuing to assist evacuees in safe passage and provide services to those in need. Their mission also involves reducing the risk of potential future disasters.

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“Wherever we’re needed. As long as it takes.”

This quote from IsraAid categorizes the work these Israeli organizations do. When someone was in need of help, ZAKA, IsraAID, United Hatzalah of Israel and Hatzolah Air did not see boundaries or succumb to their fears. Instead, they saw fellow human beings in need. This led them to do whatever they could to assist people in places facing disaster, such as in Ukraine and Afghanistan. Israel dispatches search, rescue and relief teams as fast and effectively as they can. The country is dedicated and possesses the skills needed to fight against terror or natural disasters, which they utilize to help other nations. Israel will continue to do this work and hold themselves to this high standard and ongoing mission. It is hard to minimize the effects of tragedies, but helping one another is often the only and most vital act we can do.


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