Israeli food has been gaining attention worldwide for its unique combination of flavors, heavy use of fresh ingredients and spices, and its extraordinary diversity that reflects the population itself.

To help bring these dishes straight to your home, we created a new series of videos, Tayim (“tasty” in Hebrew). Our short concise guides show you how to make some of the most classic Israeli foods, from shakshuka to hummus to Hanukkah donuts.

To make things even easier, we’ve bought all our Tayim videos together in one place. To view the recipes, please click on the titles.

You see, you don’t have to fly to Israel to enjoy the flavors of the country.


Soft Israeli pita bread




Hamantaschen cookies (or ozney haman if you’re Israeli)




Israeli salad


Tabouleh salad


Israeli cheesecake (it’s all about the cheese)




Feta and chard burekas






Hanukkah donuts (why eat them only once a year?)