Orange and poppy – this unlikely couple turns into a match made in heaven when they’re baked into a cake dreamed up bybakersLee’at Gentely and Georgia Green in Tel Aviv.

Watch the video to see how it’s done. The recipe appears below.

Orange-Poppy Cake

For the cake

In a stand mixer, beat 3 eggs and 1½cups of sugar. When it’s “milkshake” consistency, add ½ cup oil and 1 tsp. vanilla and continue to beat.

Combine 1½ cups flour + 1 tbsp. baking powder. Gradually add these dry mixed ingredients to the wet ingredients above.

Gradually add ¾ cup milk; mix well.

Stir in the zest of 1 large orange and 2 tbsp. poppy seeds.

Evenly distribute batter into two lined 6” baking tins.

Bake at 338°F (170°C) for 30–40 minutes until baked through.

For the oranges

Thinly slice oranges and place on wire oven rack. Dry them in the oven at 190-210°F (90-100°C) for at least an hour and a half.

For the buttercream icing

Combine 1 cup egg white and 2½ cups sugar in a mixer bowl.

Place onto a pan of simmering water and heat to 150°F (65°C) until the sugar has dissolved.

Whisk at full speed for at least 5 minutes until a thick meringue has formed.

Cool completely.

For the sugar syrup

Sugar syrup

¼ cup of orange Juice

¼ cup Sugar

To assemble the cake

Even out the top of each layer and cut each layer in half.

Cut 2¼ cups of softened butter into pieces and gradually add to the mixer set to medium speed.

When the buttercream starts to form, turn the speed up high to incorporate all the meringue and butter. Add 1 tsp. vanilla and mix.

Pipe the buttercream from a pastry bag between each layer of the cake.

Decorate with rosemary and the dried orange slices.