First we started with donuts, now we teach you how to make the popular Middle East hot milk beverage – sachlav – in the second cooking video of our new Tayim (tasty) series.

In less than a minute, 21see’s Tayim videos teach you how to make classic Israeli dishes in your own kitchen.

To add some festive spirit to this week’s video, we are offering readers the chance to win a free copy of the cookbook Israel Eats by the talented photographer Steven Rothfeld.

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Click on the video above to find out how to make sachlav. The full recipe is below.


1 liter (4½ cups) milk
4 heaped tablespoons cornstarch
1/3 cup sugar
1 ¼ teaspoons vanilla
Large pinch salt
Top with a sprinkling of cinnamon/chopped walnuts/coconut

1. Mix the cornstarch into the milk when cold.
2. Mix in the sugar
3. Bring up to a light boil, stirring the whole time until frothy and thick, but still pourable (about five minutes total).
4. Pour into the cup and garnish with cinnamon, walnuts and coconut.

Executive Producer – Jonathan Baruch
Producer / Director – Haim Silberstein
Chef – Jessica Halfin
Camera – Ari Amit