Nicky Blackburn
April 3, 2017, Updated May 1, 2017

Israel is already famous for its innovation and its technology, but how many people know that the country is also a capital of cool?

This Independence Day we thought it was time to celebrate Israel’s hip side with our third fabulous DIY exhibition, The Guide to Hipster Israel, which you can either view and use online, or download, print and stage just about anywhere.

In this exhibition, we take a look at Israel’s emerging craft beer industry – now taking the country by storm with brews that combine the best of world expertise and the unique flavors of Israel. We also examine Israel’s unique tattoo culture; the vintage clothing shops of Tel Aviv; and how artists are using graffiti to create a unique dialogue on the streets of our cities.

Israel’s burgeoning cannabis industry – one of the most advanced in the world — gets attention; as does vegan food. Did you know that there are more vegans in Israel per capita than anywhere else in the world?

We also take a look at the annual Midburn festival in the Negev Desert – Israel’s unique local version of the Burning Man festival; watch the development of the yoga culture in the country; and give you a tour of Israel’s hippest neighborhood, Florentin, an eclectic and vibrant district in Tel Aviv, which has been voted one of the top hipster locations of the world.

And last, but not least, we take a look at some of the top indie bands emerging from the country into the international arena, bringing with them a completely new sound.

The exhibition includes 10 full-color images, each with additional textual information and QR links to further reading material.

The Guide to Hipster Israel is the third in our series of highly successful DIY exhibitions. Our first exhibition, 18 Ways Israel is Changing the World, was released a year ago, and our second, My Name is Israel, an in-depth exploration of Israeli humanitarian aid around the world, was launched just after the Jewish New Year in October.

Since then these exhibitions have been downloaded in more than 50 countries around the world, and staged in hundreds of locations. Readers have turned them into sidewalk stickers, and posters for events, parties, conferences and dinners.

They’ve been used in educational programs for kids of all ages, as teaching aids in English-language textbooks, sent out in newsletters and email blasts, displayed at schools and universities, displayed on bulletin boards, and translated into other languages.

To use the new exhibition, enlarge the images onto foam core board for display on easels or in display cases. It can also be used online, or in Powerpoint, with a tablet or laptop.

There are hundreds of imaginative uses for these exhibitions, and we’d love to hear your stories about what you do with them. Write to us at and let us know.

This Independence Day, let’s tell the world about the lively and unexpected side of Israel.

Download the exhibition here: The Guide to Hipster Israel

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