With a youthful population, a diverse mix of immigrants from all over the world, and a heady culture of innovation and creativity, it’s really no surprise that Israel has emerged as a hipster haven.

Whether it’s in music, art, fashion, food, festivals, or lifestyle – Israelis are quick to explore and develop new trends, taking ideas from all over the world and turning them into something unique, exciting and a little bit eccentric.

We explore this incredible creativity in our latest DIY exhibition, The Guide to Hipster Israel, taking a look at the many things that make Israel the center of cool.

From eye-popping street art to tattoos, vintage fashion and indie bands, we take you right inside the heart of Israeli youth culture, showing you the secret spots, and hidden treasures that those who visit as tourists just never encounter.

Find out more about Israel’s emerging craft beer industry, how yoga has infiltrated every area of Israeli life, about Midburn – Israel’s very own Burning Man festival — and how Israel has become a center for veganism, with a vegan population that is the largest per capita in the world.

We take you to the center of Israel’s hipster lifestyle – the eclectic boho neighborhood of Florentin, in Tel Aviv — and also explore how Israel is taking the medical cannabis industry by storm.

This exhibition is designed for you. It includes 11 full-color images, each with additional textual information and QR links to further reading material. It’s easy to use, vibrant and gorgeous to view, and it tells a compelling story about Israel.

You can:

• Present it online using a tablet, laptop, smart TV or other video device.
• Download, print and post it in any location, either onsite or online. (See the download form on your right)
• Enlarge the images on foam core board for display on easels or in display cases.

Put on the exhibition at your school, your organization, in shops or offices, or even in your publications and newsletters – anywhere you want to tell a different story about Israel.

You may use any part of the exhibition you want, and we also offer you the chance to co-brand the exhibition with your own organization.

We’d love to hear your stories and see the photographs of the events you run using our exhibition.

If you need more information or have questions, or want to send us photographs of how you have used the exhibition, please contact us at info@israel21c.org; we’ll be delighted to help.