Abigail Klein Leichman
February 2, 2023

We’re excited to introduce a new member of the ISRAEL21c family: “Keep It Magniv” (KIM), a lifestyle brand for Gen Zs and millennials who care about the environment.

“Magniv” is Hebrew slang for “cool.” The KIM community gets its inspiration from four Israeli individuals taking action to keep our planet cool in the face of global warming.

They’ll be featured on dedicated KIM social media channels and managing communities on a WhatsApp channel, inspiring peers across the globe to make sustainability an active verb and not just a passive noun.

And they’ll share ISRAEL21c content that demonstrates Israelis’ cool ideas to overcoming the climate crisis.

Just as ISRAEL21c has always focused on innovation and not on conflict or politics, KIM will highlight an aspect of Israel that Gen Z and millennials may not be aware of and can easily relate to.

“The key takeaway of recent Pew Research studies on social media trends is that 70 percent of US social media users do not want to engage in anything they consider a political or social issue,” says ISRAEL21c Executive Director Jason Harris.

“And Israel is usually presented solely through a lens of politics that two-thirds of people don’t want to touch. The same research shows that if Gen Z and millennials engage in an issue at all, it’s related to climate change.” 

Sustainability is the solution

We know this firsthand. For the past year, ISRAEL21c has zoomed in on sustainability, and it’s become our website’s top-performing vertical.

“Sustainability is the solution to climate change. Our content is solutions-oriented, an antidote to the gloom and doom that gives people anxiety, and introduces Israelis as a solution to a global challenge,” Harris says.

Also over the past year, ISRAEL21c’s audience has been trending younger: 55% of our readership is now below the age of 45, and the largest jump has been in the 18- to 24-year-old category that makes up nearly 4% of our total traffic.

Putting together personalities and sustainability is a magniv combination, considering that on social media our No. 1 content stream is people and No. 2 is sustainability.

“People just don’t know Israelis and that they share values with them,” says Harris.

“With the Keep It Magniv campaign, we are creating a deeply engaged micro-community of people who care about sustainability and connecting them to their Israeli peers who feel the same way.”

Meet our activists

The four Israeli climate activists in the KIM spotlight:

Sharona, founder of Tuesdays for Trash, a global nonprofit that organizes trash cleanups.

Omri, a professional windsurfer dedicated to battling corporations and municipalities that he believes are responsible for polluting the sea.

ISRAEL21c launches lifestyle brand for Gen Z and millennials
Sharona Shnayder and Omri Hazor are battling for clean beaches. Photo by Yossi Michaeli

Julian, founder of Clean the Butts, a volunteer effort to pick up cigarette butts from Israel’s parks and beaches and turn them into art.

ISRAEL21c launches lifestyle brand for Gen Z and millennials
Julian Melcer with cigarette butts collected from Israel’s parks and beaches. Photo by Yossi Michaeli

Danielle, a stylist who opened a vintage clothing store, Dressed By Danielle, in Tel Aviv as an alternative to polluting “fast fashion.”

ISRAEL21c launches lifestyle brand for Gen Z and millennials
Danielle Williams in front of her vintage clothing shop in Tel Aviv. Photo by Yossi Michaeli

“ISRAEL21c is leading the charge in sharing stories of Israelis doing great things for the environment,” says Digital Marketing and Partnerships Director Andrew Exler.

“These four relatable influencers are the face of Keep It Magniv on Instagram and TikTok.”

A lifestyle community

The campaign will include a global WhatsApp group for the community to connect with each other and there will be additional engagement opportunities in the coming months, Exler says.

“We cannot engage a population without giving them a voice to tell us what they find relevant and interesting,” he explains.

When you visit KIM, you will find ISRAEL21c’s latest Earth content as well as content created exclusively for the KIM lifestyle community.

The emphasis is on practical steps that individuals can take to bring positive change to our universe. Their political views are irrelevant; the only thing that matters is bringing the power of the collective to a worldwide issue.

“We share one planet, and the climate doesn’t care about our geopolitics,” Harris points out. “This is about people taking action, in Israel and around the world.”

Click here to see Keep It Magniv.

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