Two Syrian adults and four Syrian children wounded in bombings in their home country were brought into Israel for medical treatment on June 29 as part of a unique and complex medical operation run by the 210th Division of the Israel Defense Forces.

The four wounded children, aged six to 14, were orphaned as their parents were killed in the attacks, according to Syrian news reports.

In addition, the Israelis sent 300 tents, 13 tons of food, 15 tons of baby food, three pallets of medical supplies, and 30 tons of clothes and shoes overnight to tens of thousands of Syrian civilians fleeing Bashar Assad’s latest offensive against rebel holdouts in the Daraa region of southwest Syria.

After being alerted at night, IDF medical troops from the Northern Command arrived at the Israeli-Syrian border in the southern Golan Heights. The troops treated the injured Syrians at the border before transferring them to a hospital in northern Israel for further medical treatment.

“Since the Syrian conflict began [in 2011], there has been a significant shortage of medical infrastructure, doctors, and medical supplies. In response to the lack of proper medical resources in Syria, the IDF has provided lifesaving humanitarian aid while maintaining a non-intervention policy in the conflict,” according to an IDF statement.

The IDF reports that since 2013, more than 3,500 civilians injured in Syria have received medical treatment in Israel. In addition, since 2016, as part of the IDF’s Operation Good Neighbor, more than 1,300 Syrian children suffering from various illnesses and ailments have received one-day treatment in Israel’s specialty clinics.

The Mazor Ladach (literally, Bandaging Those in Need) field clinic, established by the IDF and international aid organizations in the southern Golan Heights, has provided medical treatment to approximately 6,000 civilians since its opening in August last year. The IDF also equipped a new maternity hospital inside Syria.

The IDF’s Mazor Ladach field hospital for Syrians includes a playroom and provides hot meals, hygiene products and medicine to take home. Photo courtesy of IDF Spokesman’s Office

In total so far, the IDF’s Operation Good Neighbor has coordinated the transfer of 1,524 tons of food, 947,520 liters of fuel, 7,933 diaper packages, 54 tons of baby food, 24,900 boxes of medicine and medical equipment, 775 medical equipment units, 250 tons of clothing, 13,920 hygienic products, and 300 tents to Syrians since June 2016.

Most of these supplies have been donated by nonprofit organizations such as Amaliah and some by the Israeli government.

Last week’s major offensive in the Daraa province created a new rush of refugees to already overburdened encampments in southwestern Syria.

“In these camps, located near the border, there are several thousand Syrians living in deteriorating conditions, without access to water, electricity, food sources or basic necessities. In recent days, there’s been an increase in the number of Syrians living in these camps,” the IDF said.

“Israel is dedicated to helping its Syrian neighbors and will continue to provide them with equipment, medical aid, and other services.”

The IDF reported that the six wounded Syrians brought to Israeli hospitals over the weekend were suffering mainly from shrapnel injuries.