There’s no better way to brighten up the day on social media than with a feel-good cat video. And a short clip of a man helping free a street cat whose head was stuck in a container is proving its viral ability.

The video shows Moshe Shamir, an Israeli passerby, trying to help a ginger-colored stray he found meowing hysterically beside a garbage can. The skinny cat has a plastic container of tehina on its head.

Viewers hear him saying in Hebrew that he will go bring some tools to free the cat.

Moments later he returns to the crying cat with scissors and pliers. The person filming this scene tells Shamir to be careful.

At first, the container won’t budge. The cat is trapped.

But Shamir doesn’t lose his cool and keeps trying.

The video clip is just 42 seconds in length but filled with tension as to whether or not Shamir will succeed.

Of course, the video wouldn’t be such a viral success if the end of the story weren’t happy. Viewers will breathe a sigh of relief when the kitty is freed – and gives one last loud meow before running off – and will share the link so others can see Shamir’s satisfied smile at a job well done.

A recent video showing Israelis saving a street dog’s puppies went viral around the world as well.