Rescue dogs are the ones who usually come to the aid of people in need. In a heartwarming scenario in Israel this week, a group of IDF soldiers came to the assistance of a mother dog trying to rescue her 12 puppies from a flooded house.

The nail-biting video clip of the mother dog risking her life to save her pups was uploaded to Facebook by Israel’s Let the Animals Live association, which helps animals in distress. The organization put out a call for people to adopt the seven puppies that survived the ordeal.

The happy-sad scene caught on video took place at an IDF army base. The soldiers knew that their adopted stray dog had birthed a litter a few days before the storm. When rainwater began to pool under the building where the puppies were nestled, their mom couldn’t figure out how to save them.

That’s when the soldiers stepped in to help.

In the video, you can see the mother dog whining hysterically and pacing back and forth near a small opening under the structure. One of the soldiers tries to scoop away water with a pail. Another is heard prompting the canine, saying “Get them out. Out, out.”

“The rains had created large puddles which blocked the entrance to the container and filled the cavity in which the dogs and their mother were nestled,” Eyal Gatenyou of Let the Animals Live told The Times of Israel.

Every time the mother dog returned from under the building with a pup in her mouth, the soldiers wrapped them up in blankets.

The soldiers also called Let the Animals Live for further assistance. The nonprofit organization runs a joint project with the IDF to care for stray dogs and cats on army bases.