The spirit of giving has taken hold of Israel. There is no law that calls on citizens to send food parcels to the IDF soldiers serving along the Gaza border but thousands of people have made it their private mission to do just that.

Now, a group of reserve soldiers have decided to share the food parcels they were given with hospitalized children.

“We received tons of chocolate, snacks and candies from organized groups as well as private individuals and we decided there’s way too much for just us,” Captain Kfir Amrani, who has been on the front lines since he was called back for duty on July 6, told Ynet news. “We brought everything to Soroka hospital and made our way around all four floors to over 100 children. It’s important to give and not just get.

“We saw children from all ethnicities, Jews, Bedouins, Moslems, we gave something to everyone. A child is a child, and everyone was happy.”

Social media campaigns by private individuals are in full drive to help keep soldiers in Gaza fed, clothed and happy.