Naama Barak
October 25, 2023

In difficult times, people respond in all sorts of unexpected ways – hence the unusual trend of  soldiers called up for reserve duty growing dubious facial hair in the form of scraggly mustaches.


הם מוכנים למלחמה ???? תנו לייק ענק ללוחמים מסייעת 630 המלאכים שלנו ❤️???????? #שפם #צהל #ישראל

♬ צליל מקורי – המלאכים

This perhaps should not come as a surprise. Afterall, thousands of men – some 360,000 or so – have left their homes, partners and the better hallmarks of civilization, gathering together as they anticipate military action. 

And while they wait to bravely defend the country, they’re passing the time, apparently with the help of shaving machines and a displaced sense of aesthetics.

The viral trend can be seen on the faces of reserve soldiers up and down the country, as well as on funny posts on social media. 

The public is divided as to whether this is a good thing: Do our brave soldiers look even more dashing with an old-fashioned, macho mustache? Or is it a case of whiskers being awful enough to scare off Hezbollah?

“So many men with mustaches, yet so few who they actually suit,” lamented one person on X. “Is it possible to trust men with a mustache?” polled another user. “Absolutely not. It’s a red flag,” determined 45.6 percent of respondents.

Others, meanwhile, held more favorable opinions.

“I want to get called up for reserve duty just so that I’ll have an excuse to grow a mustache,” tweeted one hopeful. “Going down south for reserve duty. Already starting to grow my mustache now,” joked another female user.

Within the army, several different units are claiming to have originated the trend, saying that they’ve been drawing inspiration from the 1973 Yom Kippur War and the mustached heroes who fought back then.

Luckily for them, soldiers on active duty, not reserve duty, are banned from growing mustaches and are allowed to be either clean-shaven or to sport a beard. This, we imagine, is because top military brass never envisioned having to deal with such a strange phenomenon, and for this, we thank them.

Laughter aside, we wish all the soldiers on the frontlines health, safety and a speedy return home. Just don’t forget to shave on the way back. 

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