February 25, 2016, Updated February 21, 2016

A new list of 10 innovative companies to watch in 2016, published on Forbes.com, includes four Israeli companies. Illusive Networks, InSightec, AudioBurst and Real are highlighted for the impact they’re making and expected to make in cybersecurity, cancer treatment, radio and real estate.

Illusive Networks is one of Israel’s hot cybersecurity startups. Founded in 2014, the company makes life tough for cyber attackers by covering a client’s network with a deceptive layer of code. Illusive pioneered the Deception Technology.

“Companies have flocked to Illusive Networks to bolster their cybersecurity and investment dollars have followed. Last October, the company closed a $22 million Series B round, bringing total equity funding to $27 million,” reads the Forbes.com article.

InSightec’s FDA approved ExAblate OR procedure, that uses MRI-guided focused ultrasound to destroy tumors and uterine fibroid cysts without surgery, is gaining global exposure. The company founded in 1999 is included on the list because its “technology could eliminate the need for surgery for many patients with tumors. That potential led to a recent funding round of $22 million.”

AudioBurst is helping the radio scene stay updated. The Israeli company says it’s the first-of-its-kind curation site that makes talk radio searchable and shareable in real-time. Think the Google of radio.

“The content’s shelf life increases infinitely, as it now exists on the cloud rather than evaporating through the airwaves. With the monumental rise of video in the last few years, it seems that radio is ripe for this kind of disruption,” writes Shama Hyder, founder & CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, who chose the 10 innovative companies for Forbes.com.

And the technology-powered real estate brokerage company, Real, is cited for its role in the real estate agents’ revolution. The company was started by real estate professionals and software engineers to empower agents “with all the technology, licensing and operational tools they need, without having to be associated with a physical office.”

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