As employees around the world have been forced to work from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, some employers are concerned about how to maintain worker productivity.

Israeli tech firm Nemesysco is repositioning its voice analytics technology as a coronavirus tool for what it calls “remote employee wellness monitoring.”

Nemesysco’s tech silently listens to workers as they speak on Zoom and other video conferencing and shared workspace platforms, scanning for changes in emotions that might raise any red flags. That includes stress, frustration and fatigue, as well as motivation or enthusiasm.

“Managers are unable to fully understand and measure how these new conditions are impacting the performance and overall state-of-mind of their employees,” the company said in a statement. Hence the need for remote monitoring solutions.

Nemesysco says that the interest in using its technology this way is coming from its customers, which include large enterprises and government organizations in the Far East, India, Europe and Mexico.

Nemesysco’s LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) technology runs in the background during real-time or recorded conversations and measures “uncontrolled psychophysiological changes to a person’s voice during open conversations.”

ANIMA Polygraph in Hungary has been using Nemesysco with clients in the banking and insurance sector for several years. While the tech has been used mostly in the recruiting process, ANIMA’s customers are now applying it “to better understand the mindset of their employees who are forced to work from home in a critical effort to maintain the continuity of their businesses and the services they provide,” says György Kis, ANIMA’s CEO.