October 30, 2014
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Saveur magazine votes Tel Aviv’s markets among world’s best. (Photo: Shuk Hanamal)

The world’s foodies have had their say: Tel Aviv is an outstanding culinary destination. The White City snagged two top honors in the recently published Saveur Culinary Travel Awards 2014 and Israel’s airline raised a glass to an In-flight Wine award, as selected by the American-based, globally recognized culinary-travel magazine.

Tel Aviv was listed as an “outstanding” pick for Best Culinary Destination with a population fewer than 800,000 and was tipped as “outstanding” for Best Markets & Shops, International.

Jerusalem was given a “notable” mention for its markets as well.

Meanwhile, El Al was also awarded an “outstanding” ranking for its impressive wine list in the Best In-Flight Wine Program category.

“Across 21 categories, we’ve identified the very best—according to both an expert panel of world travelers and you, our readers—as well as additional outstanding and notable picks in each category,” the magazine reads.

Tel Aviv’s restaurants, bars and chocolateries are often cited among the world’s best. The city’s Imperial Craft Cocktail bar recently won Best Bar in the Middle East; Mul-Yam won for the Best in the World cookbook; and Ika Chocolate won at the International Chocolate awards.

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