January 25, 2017

Tel Aviv’s culinary scene is constantly refreshing itself. The city’s fourth covered market space – replete with an international assortment of dishes – has opened its doors to the public at the corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Allenby Street.

Similar to the covered markets at Sarona, Ramat Hachayal and Tel Aviv Port, the Rothschild-Allenby Market includes original food stalls alongside fast-food versions of known restaurants found elsewhere in the city.

The Rothschild Boulevard area is already known for its scrumptious foodie options. The new market space makes the block even more delectable.

Menus inside this market space include Paleo’s meat-and-vegetable dishes, Masterfish’s oversized kosher fish sandwiches, Men Ten Ten’s ramen options, Beer Box’s 150 brews (130 international beers and 20 Israeli varieties), Chipsea King’s fried seafood cones, Bunny Chow’s South African curry sandwiches,  and Olivery’s crispy pizza slices, among others.

Altogether, the Rothschild-Allenby market houses 32 shops and eateries over 1, 250 meters.

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