The past year has seen Israel undergo great political upheaval, with the government trying to pass a judicial overhaul that opponents view as dangerous to democracy. These opponents have been out in droves protesting for months on end, but as soon as disaster struck they turned their great organizational power elsewhere.

The protest movement immediately began utilizing its thousands of volunteers, readily available logistic capabilities and popular social-media platforms to reach out to those in need – a remarkable feat in itself, and especially when considering the organizational vacuum felt in Israel in the first few days of the war. 

Led by the Brothers in Arms protest group, a huge civilian operations room was set up in Tel Aviv to cater to all kinds of needs arising from the war. Whether formula for displaced babies, warm jackets for soldiers or even furniture for families who lost their homes – it is all being meticulously collected and organized.

The movement is also providing all kinds of services – picking up residents fleeing the country’s south, taking displaced people to hotels across the country, picking fruit left in the fields, or rescuing pets left behind.

This is not to say that many of the protesters have changed their opinion of the government or have put their qualms aside. Instead, they are proving that people can be both against the government and for the people, as they’ve been trying to show for a long time. 

Slammed as anarchists only weeks ago by their opponents, there now can be no doubt in anyone’s mind – these are people who deeply love their country, and who are willing to work tirelessly for it.