As war erupted between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, another fear materialized – that terrorist organization Hezbollah would seize an opportunity and attack Israel on its northern frontier.

Since then, residents of communities bordering Lebanon have been evacuated from their homes and significant army forces were sent to the border to protect it. Among them was Lt. Col. Alim Abdallah, who was killed on October 9 in battle with terrorists entering Israel from Lebanon.

Abdallah, 40, was the deputy commander of the 300th Baram Regional Brigade. His military career spanned over two decades and he was killed days before he was slated to be released from combat service. 

He was eulogized by family and friends as a brave and modest man known for his care for his loved ones and soldiers, as well as an avid sportsman and passionate runner.

“Everyone who knew his way of life, from a young age to his death – his bravery, his initiative and his special personality – knows well who Alim was,” Sheikh Mowafaq Tarif, the spiritual leader of the Israeli Druze community, was reported as saying at his funeral, which was attended by thousands of people.

Both in life and death, Abdallah personified the deep bond of the Israeli Druze community to its country. He is buried next to Lt. Col. Salman Habaka, a fellow resident of the Druze village of Yanuh, who was killed weeks later in battle in the northern Gaza Strip.

Following Abdallah’s death, the IDF released a video of him filmed ahead of Remembrance Day a couple of years ago, speaking of unity in the army while standing in front of a wall commemorating his brigade’s fallen soldiers. 

“What characterizes the wall behind me is that it symbolizes the beautiful face of Israel. Sadly, there are fallen soldiers of all denominations here. The wall doesn’t differentiate between Druze, Christians, Muslims, Jews or Circassians,” he said. “The‎y’re all on the same wall.”

Abdallah is survived by his wife, three children, parents and siblings.